More than 2.4 million confirmed cases in Germany will vaccinate teachers in advance

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Germany has accumulated more than 2.4 million confirmed diagnoses, and teachers will be vaccinated in advance

China News Service, Berlin, February 22 (Reporter Peng Dawei) As of the evening of the 22nd local time, Germany has accumulated confirmed diagnoses The number of people infected with the new crown virus has exceeded 2.4 million. In response to the pressure of epidemic prevention caused by the resumption of classes in many states, the German Federal Ministry of Health and the state health ministries reached an agreement on the same day to vaccinate the teachers and staff of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in advance.

More than 2.4 million confirmed cases in Germany will vaccinate teachers in advance


p > The German disease control agency announced on the 22nd that the number of new confirmed cases and the number of new deaths were 4369 and 62 respectively. Real-time data from Germany’s “Times Online” showed that as of 23 o’clock that night, Germany had a total of 2,400,521 confirmed cases, 2,197956 cured, and 68,803 deaths. The important indicator used by the German government to formulate the timetable for “unblocking” “the number of new diagnoses per 100,000 people in seven days” rebounded for three consecutive days, rising to 61 on that day.

As of that day, Germany has received 5,068,829 doses of vaccine, of which 3,312,351 people have received the first dose and 1,756,478 people have received the second dose.

Starting from the 22nd, schools and kindergartens in at least 10 German states have resumed classes, which has brought the risk of faculty and staff to the epidemic. The German Federal Ministry of Health held consultations with the states on this day.

Chairman of the Joint Meeting of Ministers of Health of the German States and Minister of Health of Bavaria Holtschek told the German media after the meeting that the Federation and the states have agreed to vaccinate teachers and staff in primary, secondary, and kindergartens from the current state. The third sequence of vaccine sequencing is advanced to the second sequence.

Talking about the need to take this step, the German Federal Minister of Health Spahn said that as ten states start to resume classes, millions of people will leave their homes, and at the same time, the more spreading new crown Variant strains of the virus are continuing to spread in Germany, so it is necessary to vaccinate more people. (End)