my country’s aerospace international standards are officially released

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my country’s aerospace international standards are officially released

The standard was first proposed as a new proposal at the ISO Moscow annual meeting in May 2013 and was formally approved in October 2015. During the advancement of the standard, after the adjustment of the international standard framework for space debris and the expansion of application areas, it passed through a total of six stages of voting, which lasted nearly 8 years, and finally successfully obtained approval for publication.

The standard defines the space debris mitigation requirements in detail, and proposes recommendations on the design and operation of the orbital stage of the Earth-orbiting launch vehicle. The remaining propellant remaining in the final stage rocket propellant tanks and pipelines is required to take effective discharge measures to avoid disintegration on the orbit and reduce interference to the protected area.

The standard aims to provide countries with feasible and standardized design requirements and references for the mitigation of space debris in the final stage of launch vehicles, and to uniformly regulate the protection requirements of the space environment. The release of this standard has enhanced my country’s influence in the field of launch vehicle space debris mitigation and the right to speak in international standards. (CCTV reporter Dou Yunyun)