NASA will release the “first” video clip of the “Perseverance” probe landing

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NASA will release the “first” video clip of the “Perseverance” probe landing

The mission experts will introduce the latest updates on February 22 (Monday) at 11 am / 2 pm Eastern Time. Some mission scientists and NASA staff have been promoting this mission on Twitter, so we look forward to seeing some shocking footage.

NASA also provides all the original images returned from the Perseverance on its homepage. Once the exploratory work in the first few weeks goes smoothly, the agency will begin posting hundreds of photos on the website.

“Perseverance” was launched on the coast of Florida on July 30, 2020. It took off on the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas 5 rocket. It took seven months to reach Mars , The harsh environment of space is shielded in the Mars 2020 spacecraft.

When Perseverance reaches Mars, it throws aside the outer layer and enters the thin atmosphere of the red planet. Only 10 minutes later, its six wheels steadily stopped on the Martian soil of Jezero Crater, which scientists believe was once a lake. Where there is water, there is the possibility of life — “Perseverance” will look for signs of extraterrestrial microorganisms on Mars.