National fitness atmosphere is strong, Ningbo, Zhejiang starts the “fancy” sports year

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(New Year’s visit to the grassroots level) National fitness atmosphere is strong, Ningbo, Zhejiang, opens the “fancy” sports year

China News Service, Ningbo, February 20th (Reporter Lin Bo) Mountain climbing, skiing, running…2021 The Spring Festival of New Year is very special. In Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, the number of people celebrating the New Year has increased significantly. Many people have chosen physical fitness to celebrate the Spring Festival with their families and share a healthy year.

On February 20th, according to big data from Ningbo Sports Bureau, the number of active users of Ningbo Sports App was more than 62,500, and the proportion of young and middle-aged people aged 25 to 49 who participated in sports was about 74.5%, among which the most popular The items are badminton, tennis, and swimming.

In this Spring Festival, ice and snow sports have become the new favorite of Ningbo people’s Spring Festival sports.

Recently, Xiao Li, who works in Ningbo, and his colleague went to an indoor ski resort in Ningbo to experience a day of “speeding on the snow”. This is a “New Year gift package” he gave himself. Feel the fun of ice and snow sports in your free time.

As the Winter Olympics approach, people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports is increasing day by day, especially young people.

At present, Ningbo has initially formed a situation of the coordinated development of the public ice and snow, competitive ice and snow and ice and snow industries, and more and more young people are “fascinated” by ice and snow sports.

National fitness atmosphere is strong, Ningbo, Zhejiang starts the “fancy” sports year

People are playing table tennis. Photo by Zheng Junzhi

People in ski suits burst into laughter at the Shanglianggang Ski Resort in Fenghua District, Ningbo. It is reported that the ski resort received more than 30,000 tourists during the Spring Festival, and the reception volume has continued to increase year by year.

Currently, Ningbo is promoting the leap-forward development of China’s ice and snow sports, whether in terms of hardware such as ice and snow sports stadium construction, or in the software aspects of building ice and snow tourism products and promoting industrial development, it has introduced new measures according to local conditions. Let ice and snow sports continue to heat up this winter.

Up to now, the Ningbo Ice and Snow Project has received more than 50,000 tourists, and it has also helped 5 schools to carry out the “Ice and Snow Entering Campus” activities to provide opportunities for young people to “get on the ice and snow”.

In addition, outdoor landscapes have also become a good place for people to exercise. Statistics show that during the Spring Festival, a total of millions of people in Ningbo took exercise on 243 hiking trails, driving the economic development of more than 27 million yuan along the trails such as homestays and restaurants. (End)