Nucleic acid test at -30°C: rub your hands, stomping your feet, guard the anti-epidemic defense line in the extreme cold

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Nucleic Acid Test at -30℃: Rub your hands and stomping your feet to guard the anti-epidemic defense line in the extreme cold

China News Service, Hulunbeier, February 23, electronic question: -30℃ nucleic acid : Rubbing hands and stomping feet to defend the anti-epidemic defense line in the extreme cold

“It is too cold today, but the nucleic acid samples of the home quarantine personnel only took 5 samples, and the fingers can’t bend back.” Zou Xiaoling, a nucleic acid collection medical staff member of the Community Health Service Center who came out of the quarantine’s home, said while rubbing her hands.

In late February, spring returns to the earth. The lowest temperature of the Oroqen Autonomous Banner, located in the northeast of Hulunbuir City in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and at the southern foot of the Greater Khingan Mountains, is still around -30°C.

A nucleic acid sample collection team composed of inspection, medical, and nursing professionals from the Dayangshu Town Community Health Service Center shuttles through various villages and community streets to isolate people at home and a cold chain express company Collect nucleic acid samples with the physical tables and personnel of imported goods.

Zou Xiaoling told reporters: “Household collection is different from working in a hospital. If our clothes are thick, we cannot wear layers of isolation clothing.”

The people who need to collect nucleic acid are separated by a certain distance. Even if the heating paste is attached, they still cannot withstand the cold wind. The sampling team members can only jogging forward with the equipment.

Nucleic acid test at -30°C: rub your hands, stomping your feet, guard the anti-epidemic defense line in the extreme cold

The picture shows the cold chain Food samples for nucleic acid testing. Photo courtesy of the nucleic acid sample collection team in Dayangshu Town

“Please take off the mask and open your mouth…” Liu Qing, a nucleic acid sampling team member, patiently said to each subject over and over again.

Take the sampling tube, check the name, collect the sub-sample of the pharynx test, do a good job of disinfection, the safe transfer of the sample… The same actions are repeated every day. Since the beginning of the year, the sampling team has entered homes and collected more than 1,000 nucleic acid samples from the cold chain.

“Hurry up and try to walk one more village today.” This is the biggest wish of every sampler.

Compared with the collection of personnel samples, the collection of samples of the cold chain material table is more difficult. The team members rushed to the outdoor frozen goods market and railway station platforms all day to inspect every selling point and every wagon.

“Whether a qualified sample is collected will affect the accuracy of the sampling result.” Sampling team member Zhang Yuhan said seriously.

“Usually after collecting two or three samples, the hands are frozen and stiff. I rub my hands and stomped my feet during the sampling interval to warm up. I muttered in my heart, hold on, hold on again…” Zhang Yuhan said that after every hand disinfection, everyone’s fingers would become more stiff and red and swollen.

Even so, they will use their frozen hands to complete the “stable and accurate” sampling operation again and again.

“Although hard work, we hope to keep the grassroots line of defense against the epidemic.” The medical staff’s words were firm and persistent. (End)