Recovery from “hibernation”, spring plowing kicked off in Ningxia

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China News Service, Yinchuan, February 24th (Li Peishan and Gao Siqi) Tian’s family has been idle for a few days, and farming has started. On February 24, with the roar of the planter, the seeds representing abundance of hope for the coming year were scattered into the fields, and the production of spring ploughing and spring planting in Helan County, Yinchuan City, Ningxia officially kicked off. The reporter learned from the scene that Helan County plans to plant 320,000 mu of grain crops this year, an increase of 8,900 mu compared with last year.

Next to the planter in operation, Shen Qiangyun, a researcher at the Institute of Crop Research, Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, is enthusiastically introducing the new type of agricultural machinery to farmers: “This is a relatively common wheat leveling and seeding machine. On the other hand, on the Ningxia Kefeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd. and the agricultural fertilizer display stand, relevant personnel recommended to farmers Ning 3015, Ning Chun 4 and other wheat varieties.

Recovery from “hibernation”, spring plowing kicked off in Ningxia

Spring plowing site. Photo by Gao Siqi

According to Ma Guangfu, director of the grain crop station of the Helan County Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Helan plans to plant and demonstrate new varieties of grain crops such as wheat Ningchun 55 and Ningchun 61; rice Ningjing 57, Fuyuan 4; Maize Tunyu 168, Zhengda 12 and other characteristic varieties. At the same time, the Helan County Agriculture and Rural Bureau organized the agricultural technology extension department to go to the countryside, combined with winter training to conduct publicity and training for farmers, and invited experts to conduct agricultural technology training seminars, so that all business entities could grasp and understand the key agricultural tasks in 2021. Make production plans in advance and prepare for production.

“In order to help the people increase production and income, we have also promoted comprehensive technical support to farmers. New technologies such as soil testing, formula fertilization, cloud planting and fertilizer integration have benefited farmers a lot.” Ma Guangfu said.

Recovery from “hibernation”, spring plowing kicked off in Ningxia(1)

Spring plowing site. Photo by Gao Siqi

According to the forecast of the meteorological department, the overall temperature in Ningxia during the spring sowing period of 2021 will be higher than usual, with less precipitation in the north and slightly more in the central and southern regions. The overall weather conditions are favorable for spring farming. According to a report from the water resources department, from January to June 2021, the Yellow River in Ningxia will be allocated 3.154 billion cubic meters of water, an increase of 12 million cubic meters from last year, and the water consumption target is 2.094 billion cubic meters, an increase of 230 million cubic meters from last year. The situation of summer irrigation water is beneficial to spring farming production.

In 2020, Ningxia will build 1.083 million mu of high-standard farmland, develop efficient water-saving irrigation of 705,000 mu, carry out 100,000 mu of degraded arable land in 4 counties (districts), and implement 1,180,400 mu of straw return , Completed agricultural machinery deep loosening and land preparation operation area of ​​1.062 million mu, creating good conditions for spring plowing production.

This year, Ningxia spring ploughing has sufficient seed reserves and optimized variety quality structure. The supply of spring plowing conventional rice and spring wheat seed market exceeds demand, and the supply and demand of hybrid corn seed market is basically balanced, and the stock of potato seed potatoes is sufficient to meet the demand for production seeds. At the same time, the total demand for chemical fertilizers for spring sowing is about 130,000 tons. Up to now, the Ningxia Supply and Marketing Cooperative System and various agricultural material distributors in the region have organized and transported nearly 150,000 tons of various fertilizers. According to statistics from the Agricultural Machinery Department, during the spring plowing preparation period, Ningxia overhauled and adjusted 146,000 agricultural machinery and tools, and the number of agricultural machinery and tools was higher than last year. (End)