school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!

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Chinanews client, Beijing, March 1st (Lang Lang) If you are well, it will be sunny; if you work hard, it will be the day before school starts. With the end of the winter vacation, the opening of school dramas across the country were staged in turn: the inspirational film “Make-up homework is getting better and I forgot to eat”, the detective film “Who copied whose winter homework”……

Reluctant to give up, students across the country ushered in a new semester. Parents reduce the burden on students’ homework, mobile phones are prohibited from entering the classroom, and the first lesson of the school begins… At the beginning of school, pay attention to these changes!

school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!

New semester, for parents Untie! Reduce the burden on the child!

In the past few days, some elementary and middle school students in China are creating “miracles”, filling up a whole holiday homework in a very limited few days. This has become a lot of people’s unwillingness to face it. One of the reasons for the start of school.

However, the hands of the primary and middle school students in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou seem to be able to stop for a while. On the 23rd, the Education Bureau of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou issued a notice stating that all elementary and middle school students in the district must complete their homework during winter vacation without rigid requirements, and they are allowed to postpone their completion after the start of school under the guidance of teachers or the mutual assistance of peers.

Following the second day, another topic related to homework was also hotly searched.

“The first and second grades of elementary school do not assign written homework, and the time for completing homework in junior high school is no more than 90 minutes…” There is less than one week left before the beginning of the spring semester. The Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education issued the ” “Guidelines for Curriculum and Teaching Management of Shaanxi Compulsory Education Schools” attracted the attention of netizens.

The document not only delineates the “red line” for homework, but also makes it clear that “teachers shall not directly or in disguise ask students’ parents to review and correct homework on their behalf.” At the press conference held by the Ministry of Education on February 23 this year, it was also emphasized that parents should not be assigned or assigned homework in disguise, and parents should not be required to check or correct homework. This rescued the majority of parents from the “bitter sea” of changing homework, and was regarded by some netizens as “school benefits” for parents and students.

Not only that, the Ministry of Education also requires localities to improve after-school service levels, and every school should do it. In terms of time arrangement, it should be connected with the local normal off-duty hours to effectively solve the difficulties of parents in picking up students. problem.

Students and parents who are about to “liberate” from the pressure will surely feel a lot easier when welcoming the new semester.

school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!(1)

New semester, mobile phones are prohibited Enter the classroom!

As “Internet natives”, it is more common for students who have been exposed to various electronic products since childhood to have their own mobile phones.

But for students who are still weak in self-control, the mobile phone entering the campus will have an adverse effect on learning to a certain extent.

At the beginning of the school year, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education recently issued a special document requesting schools in all regions to strengthen the management of mobile phones for primary and middle school students, regulate the use of mobile phones by students, and avoid simple and rude management behaviors. Schools can use modern information technology. Realize the functions of access control, directional call, home-school interconnection and other functions for students entering and exiting the school, so as to achieve refined management and humanized services.

At the press conference held on the 23rd, the Ministry of Education also required that in accordance with the requirements of “limited access to campus and prohibition of access to classrooms”, primary and secondary schools in various regions should ensure that mobile phone management is effective and be prepared The necessary mobile phones are kept in a unified way.

Many netizens agree with this decision. Even adults can hardly control their own mobile phone, let alone children with weak self-control?

“Parents should lead by example and not be addicted to the Internet. Parents playing mobile phones on their own have a very bad impact on their children.” Lu Yugang, Director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, said at a press conference on the 23rd to solve students The problem of addiction to the Internet and excessive use of mobile phones requires the joint efforts of schools, families and society.

school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!(2)

February 22, Haikou Public Security Traffic Police entered the campus to carry out the “Traffic Safety First Class” activity. Photo courtesy of Haikou Traffic Police

What will be the first class in the new semester?

After a holiday of “freezing themselves”, many students find it difficult to immediately return to campus life. How and what the “first lesson of school” is taught is of great significance.

Building a strong sense of family and country and inheriting the “red gene” are the themes chosen by many places. In the municipal kindergarten in Shanghai, the “first lesson of school” was told by the descendants of three veterans of the New Fourth Army. The old people’s narration reproduced the heroic deeds of the revolutionary ancestors’ indomitable and selfless dedication.

There are thousands of roads, safety first. Many places have carried out the “first lesson of school” in terms of traffic safety, forest and grassland safety, and drug control based on actual conditions. For example, on the first day of school on February 22, Panzhihua City, Sichuan focused on forest and grassland fire prevention education. Some schools invited firefighters to help out and teach important knowledge points about forest and grassland fire prevention.

There are also places where “plastic banning and environmental protection” is the subject of the course. On the first day of school, Xiuying District, Haikou City organized the school to carry out garbage classification and plastic ban publicity and education activities. The relevant person in charge of Xiuying District stated that the next step will continue to carry out the theme activities of garbage classification into campus, so that students will increase their awareness of garbage classification from an early age. And develop good habits.

school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!(3)

New semester, external tutoring You need to be cautious when you have a problem

The new semester begins, and it’s the “registration season” for many parents.

However, in the current market, some off-campus training programs charge high fees, and illegal behaviors such as “difficult refunds” and “rolling money off the road” by training institutions occur from time to time.

“Seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations, effectively reduce students’ excessive off-campus training burden, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of parents.” The Ministry of Education responded to the issue of off-campus training classes at a press conference on the 23rd.

school started! Put down your phone, bring your homework, and “run” for the new semester!(4)

The above response got a lot With the support of netizens, many people left messages complaining about the “love, hatred, and enmity” between themselves and the off-campus training class, and sent related topics of #教育部回培训机构回费难# to hot searches.

However, the Ministry of Education also reminds parents to put their children’s physical and mental health first, establish correct educational concepts and concepts of success, do not put excessive pressure on children, and arrange their children’s studies scientifically and appropriately. Life and exercise will allow children to develop healthily and comprehensively. (End)