Secure the bottom line of online car-hailing safety

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[Zhonggong Comic Comment] Keep the bottom line of online car-hailing safety in prison

Secure the bottom line of online car-hailing safety

Painting/Liu Qi text/Yang Jing

On February 24, the Internet logistics company Huolala issued an announcement, “The incident of jumping off the body of a car in a dragnet”, expressed apology to the family of the deceased female passenger car, and admitted that the platform had problems such as imperfect product safety functions. Huolala promised to set up a safety rectification team to immediately advance the rectification work. (According to Xinhua News Agency)

With the rapid development of the Internet, the passenger and freight online car-hailing market is gradually expanding, and a car can be booked with just one touch on a mobile phone. It is undeniable that online car-hailing brings convenience to people’s lives, but it also creates some safety hazards. At present, the society attaches great importance to the safety of passenger transportation network car-hailing, but there are still more chaos in freight network car-hailing. This requires not only the government to continue to strengthen supervision, but also the continuous self-improvement and self-improvement of online car-hailing platforms. Promote standardized, orderly and healthy development of the entire industry. We believe that through the efforts of all parties, we will be able to secure the bottom line of online car-hailing safety and make it better to provide travel services for the people.