Senior Greek officials remain optimistic about the outlook for the epidemic, real-time case tracking software will be launched

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China News Service, February 28. According to the Greek “China-Greece Times” report, on the evening of the 27th local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that there were 1,630 new confirmed cases of new crowns in Greece in the past 24 hours, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases increased to 189831 example.

Greek officials believe that the current outlook for the epidemic situation in the country is optimistic; with vaccination, the Greek government is discussing vaccination certificates; in addition, real-time tracking software for the epidemic is also planned to be put into use in Greece in March.

Senior Greek officials remain optimistic about the outlook for the epidemic, real-time case tracking software will be launched


p >Officials are optimistic about the situation of the epidemic

In view of the current situation, Greek Deputy Interior Minister Pesas said that if the vaccination is implemented as planned, the progress of vaccination will be greatly accelerated from March 15. It will be the most massive vaccination month.

Pesus said that by the time of Easter, the situation will be very optimistic, although the cases will not completely disappear, but “we will definitely not experience the same blockade as last year.”

When asked about reopening the market, Pesas pointed out, “Even if the market is closed now, liquidity is still high. The next two weeks will help us reduce the burden of the epidemic. It’s very important to open up the market,” he said, adding that, if nothing else, the market will reopen in March.

Do you want to issue a vaccination certificate?

Regarding the vaccination certificate, Pesas said that it is still in the stage of accepting the Prime Minister’s proposal and a plan will be formed soon. The report pointed out that in fact, among tourists traveling to Greece in 2020, even if no one carries a vaccination certificate, they will all provide a negative certificate of nucleic acid test to prove their health. Therefore, the proposal to use a vaccination certificate as a condition of entry remains controversial.

Pesas added that the current epidemic prevention measures are far more mature than in 2020, and the possibility of establishing a vaccination certificate system within the EU is also higher.

Pesas emphasized that the use of vaccination certificates will give everyone the opportunity to travel safely within Europe and benefit from it.

The real-time case tracking software will be launched

At the same time, the Greek government stated that it will try to launch the Greek version of the real-time intelligent case tracking mobile phone software in March. Although the authorities have repeatedly emphasized that “a 100% final plan has not yet been formed,” the relevant page of the European Commission has marked Greece as one of the countries that are developing applications.

A few days ago, Greek Minister of Digital Governance Kiriakos Pierakakis stated that the Greek government “is considering a solution for case tracking.” Allegedly, real-time tracking software will be available for IOS and Android systems, and positioning via Bluetooth.

According to reports, users can download the application on their mobile phones and activate their accounts. Once a confirmed case or close contact appears within 2 meters of the mobile phone holder for 15 minutes, the system will report to the mobile phone. Send reminder notifications. (Xu Yining)