Shandong Satellite TV Lantern Festival Gala Program Announced, Mao Amin sings “Lovesickness” again

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China News Service, February 26. The 2021 Shandong Satellite TV Lantern Festival Gala will be broadcast on Shandong Satellite TV at 7:30 tonight. From the program list, in addition to the 2021 Shandong Spring Festival Gala guests Mao Amin, Zhang Shaohan, Liao Changyong, Xu Weizhou, Li Ao, Zhang Chao, Jia Fan, Song Xiaorui, there are also many members of Big Bowl Entertainment and old drama bone Kou Zhenhai to join.

Shandong Satellite TV Lantern Festival Gala Program Announced, Mao Amin sings “Lovesickness” again

Shandong Lantern Festival Gala continues in Shandong The theme of “Love the Country, Love Hometown” of the Spring Festival Gala shows the profound Shandong culture while exuding youthful vigor, bringing the audience a cultural feast of reunion and happiness.

The evening party was hosted by the hosts of Shandong Radio and Television, A Su, Wang Xiaolong, Li Le, and Wu Sijia. The opening song and dance is “The Lantern Festival” jointly sung by the host of Shandong Radio and Television Aso and the “Lightning Brothers” Wang Xiaolong, Huang Kai, Ding Zhe, and Liu Ke. Ashok interacted happily with a group of children dressed as small glutinous rice balls on the stage, rendering the festive atmosphere to the extreme.

At the party, Angela Chang again sang “Let’s Go in the Rain” to encourage everyone to continue chasing a better life in the new year; Mao Amin sang the classic song “Lovesickness”, and the familiar melody evoked memories of the classics; Feng Timo brings a fresh breath of “Motor”; Xu Weizhou partnered with FAF band to sing the original song “Welcome to this world”; Lingchao and Han Mubo collaborated on “Ordinary Road” to pay tribute to the greatness in the ordinary; baritone Singer Liao Changyong sang “Longing” to sing the yearning for a better future.

The song “I’m Going to Weishan Lake again” incorporates the melody of the theme song of the classic movie “Railway Guerrillas” “Playing My Beloved Pipa”, singer Li Ao, Jia Fan, Zhang Chao Incorporating bel canto and Rap singing into the traditional national-based singing, boldly innovate the songs, and the rhythm is youthful. Li Ao said: “I hope that this method will enable people to walk into Bel Canto and like opera more.”

In addition to the innovative presentation of traditional elements, the 2021 Shandong Happy Lantern Festival also has a lot of materials. From the original artistic essence of Qilu, the song “West Coast Folk Songs” sung by Song Xiaorui’s partner with the choir of Qingdao West Coast New District is one of them.

Shandong Satellite TV Lantern Festival Gala Program Announced, Mao Amin sings “Lovesickness” again(1)

by the Peking Opera Theatre of Shandong Province The newly compiled and deduced “Mu Guiying Takes Command” innovatively presents traditional opera culture. It not only retains the original wonderful and beautiful Peking opera episodes, but also presents it on a modern stage according to contemporary aesthetic needs. At the end of the party, Jia Fan and Zhang Chao sang the song “Happy Chinese Year” for the party.

In terms of language programs, many members of the comedy label Big Bowl Entertainment assembled, Bu Yu, He Huan, Tai Wei, Zhu Tianfu, Liu Honglu, Cao Hejun, Guo Yupeng, and Li Zongheng told the story of A group of friends who met out to work, the story of “Returning to the Hometown” five years later, the humorous plot is reversed and then reversed, and the audience is truly hilarious. The old drama Bone Kou Zhenhai performed the skit “Dad’s Heart Disease”. A hospital health examination triggered a series of funny family stories. The unconstrained design showed the imagination of the future of science fiction.