Snooker Welsh match Brown beat O’Sullivan in 9:8 and won the ranking for the first time

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China News Service, February 22nd. The final battle of the 2021 Snooker and Wales Open was staged in the early morning of the 22nd, Beijing time. The biggest dark horse in the event, Jordan Brown, won the decisive game with 74 points and a big score of 9:8. World champion Ronnie O’Sullivan, won the ranking trophy for the first time.

Snooker Welsh match Brown beat O’Sullivan in 9:8 and won the ranking for the first time

It is worth mentioning , Three years ago, the Northern Irishman Brown, who had already fallen out of the professional game, was still working at a gas station. He returned to the professional game last season and was still worried about relegation. Before the Welsh Open, the 33-year-old Brown ranked only 81st in the world and had never broken through the top 8 in the rankings.

In the final with O’Sullivan, Brown scored 58, 78 and 107 points in a single stroke as soon as he entered the game, and achieved a 4:1 lead.

Then O’Sullivan began to exert his strength, scoring two consecutive strokes to break the 100, but Brown took the lead in the final game of the afternoon phase and took the lead with 67:36, leading with a big score of 5:3. O’Sullivan came back in the evening to make an effort, two shots 60+ in a row to overtake the score, Brown regained a city before the intermission, the two sides drew 6:6.

After that, the two sides started a chasing battle and each won one game. O’Sullivan got another chance to go ahead in the 15th game, but only scored 25 points and missed the pink ball. His face was embarrassed. Brown seized the chance. It took a 56-point lead with 8:7. With 119 points in a single stroke, O’Sullivan brought the game to the final game. As a result, Brown used a clean stroke of 74 points to directly seal the victory and won the championship prize of 70,000 pounds.

Snooker Welsh match Brown beat O’Sullivan in 9:8 and won the ranking for the first time(1)

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This victory made Brown the fourth Northern Irish player to win the Snooker Rankings after Alex Higgins, Dennis Taylor and close friend Mark Allen . The 81st in the world is also the world’s lowest ranked champion since Dave Harold won the Asian Open in 1993 with 93rd in the world.

Brown said after the game: “It’s incredible to beat the greatest player in history in the final of a big game. I’m very calm today. I’m not fighting against an opponent. Playing against each other without focusing on the ball itself will be very difficult. My strategy is to focus on my own ball, which is very effective.”

“Now I am a very proud Northern Irishman. Following in the footsteps of the predecessors, this is definitely a dream come true. It is really great to be able to participate in the Players Championship and it is of great significance. Today I have proved a lot of things here. I believe I have proved to my colleagues and the people in my hometown that I can be at the highest Level snooker arena competition.” (End)