“Spend money for quiet” Haikou paid shared study room becomes a trendy place for reading and learning

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China News Service, Haikou, February 27th (Maudling Zhang Qianyi) One-meter-wide desks, bright desk lamps, bookshelves full of books, semi-enclosed cubicles… Recently, the main feature of “immersive learning atmosphere” The paid and shared study room has quietly emerged in Haikou, and has become a trendy place for many students and white-collar workers to “charge up” in the busy city.

Following shared bicycles, shared power banks, and shared cars, shared study rooms have also become popular in major cities across the country in recent years. Quiet paid self-study places have become a new choice for the exam preparation family and are favored by young people.

“Spend money for quiet” Haikou paid shared study room becomes a trendy place for reading and learning

“Aoligive” “One Research is determined”… On the message board in the self-study room, everyone cheered for each other. Photo by Modling

The reporter visited on the 27th and found that the paid shared study rooms in Haikou were mainly opened in residential rooms and buildings in the community. The self-study room is fully equipped with smart door locks, password lockers, office computers and printing services, and 24-hour monitoring equipment is installed to ensure the safety of the study room.

The landing study room is located in the community next to the Mingmen Square in Haikou. It has 30 seating areas and a total of 130 square meters. In addition to the spacious and bright hall study area, it also divides the comfort zone according to the different needs of customers And the curtain area, etc., the set up kitchen also has a microwave oven and kettle for customers to use 24 hours. The wood-colored tables and chairs match the white background very well. Many people are staying in their cubicles to study. The sound of turning pages of books and the rubbing of pen tips have become the most distinctive sounds in this room.

“Spend money for quiet” Haikou paid shared study room becomes a trendy place for reading and learning(1)

A good learning atmosphere in the shared self-study room . Photo by Modling

The daily charge for ordinary seats in the study room is about 20 yuan. There are several study areas with different prices. Each area is divided according to the different needs of customers, including comfort zone, member zone, etc. ; Use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the desktop to pay, the desk lamp will automatically light up, and a quiet, concentrating private learning space will be created.

In the self-study room, Zhao Zhou, a graduate student of Hainan Normal University, used the winter vacation time to prepare for the civil service exam. “Exam preparation requires a relatively quiet learning atmosphere. I used the single experience card for the first time. From an experience point of view, the learning atmosphere is good and the whole environment is good, so I often come here.” Zhao Zhou said, learning here is efficient.

In addition to students preparing for the exam, many working white-collar workers are also willing to come here to “recharge”. Citizen Xiaohe works in the human resources department, and she intends to use the weekend to come here to “charge up” and study. “Quiet environment, complete equipment and facilities, and enough tea and water pipes” is the reason why she chose to share the study room.

Some interviewees told reporters that they chose “paid self-study” because they would be inertia at home and would be distracting. The library is “squeaky” and needs to occupy seats in advance. For those who have already participated in the work, the consideration is more time and efficiency.

Good learning atmosphere, comfortable and quiet environment, independent space, many people think that the effect of studying at home in this kind of atmosphere is much better than that of studying alone at home, which also makes the shared study room gradually become younger People are willing to pay for new choices for learning.

In this quiet study room, there is warmth and inspiration. Some self-study room bosses and customers who passed the postgraduate entrance examination exchanged red envelopes to congratulate each other, while some seniors who failed the postgraduate entrance examination opened a self-study room to provide learning convenience for younger students, and some self-students did part-time jobs to earn money. The self-study room prepares for graduate students. “Aoli gives” “One research is the final decision”… On the message board of the self-study room, everyone cheered for each other.

In addition to creating a good learning atmosphere, the self-study room also “strives” in service, with hot coffee, desserts and snacks, living room sofas, etc., so that customers can enjoy rest after studying” The time of emptiness.

“In the months when there are important exams, such as postgraduate admissions exams, high school entrance exams, civil service exams, etc., the attendance rate is high, and weekends will be slightly more.” Wang Nannan, the person in charge of the landing study room, introduced At present, the study room is operated by an unmanned system. After placing an order online, users can enter the study room to study after passing the verification code. Attendance rate is 60% during peak season and around 40% during off-season.

The reporter entered the “study room” keyword search from a group buying website and found that there are dozens of paid shared study rooms in Haikou to choose from, with various prices and packages, and low prices. There are also more affordable and cost-effective annual card packages. The secondary card is generally 10 to 20 yuan, the monthly card is 300 to 500 yuan, and the quarterly card is 1,000 to 1,200 yuan. If you like a specific seat, you need to buy a higher-priced occupancy card, and customers can choose according to their own circumstances. Some study rooms offer early bird cards and evening cards according to the characteristics of different groups of people in order to make full use of the seats in the study room.

Lin Mingtuan, head of the Shangshang Self-study Room, said that at present, there are more and more shared study rooms in Haikou, and the competition is fierce. In the future, he will start with enhanced services and strengthen the infrastructure construction of the self-study room. . Profit is not his main goal. He wants to allow himself and the people around him to have a place where he can study with peace of mind, enrich his life, and witness more people realize their dreams. (End)