Strange signal appeared in Antarctica:from the parallel antimatter universe?

By yqqlm yqqlm

Source:Fast Technology

Parallel universe is a science fiction novel, science fiction film and television Common concept, but no one knows whether it really exists. Now, there seems to be some clues.

In 2006 and 2014, the neutrino telescope ANITA located in Antarctica detected an abnormal signal twice. It’s very much like the radio waves generated when high-energy particles in the universe pass over the earth. But the strange thing is that this signal comes from the earth instead of outside. Space.

Since the signal comes from the earth, it means that the particle that generates the signal has passed through the entire earth. The neutrino is the most suitable for this condition. You know, neutrinos have always existed like ghosts, able to traverse almost any matter unimpeded, and can also generate the kind of weak radio pulses detected by ANITA.

However, after 8 years of searching with the Neutrino Observatory, nothing was found and no corresponding neutrino was found.

For these strange signals, scientists have given strange explanations.

Some people think it’s radio waves reflected by ice, some people think it’s a sign of dark matter, and some people even think it’s coming from someone with us The universe is similar, but is composed of anti-matter, and the”parallel universe” flows backwards in time.

Well, this brain hole is a bit big…

So far, the true source of the signal is still a mystery. Scientists are also upgrading ANITA equipment to increase sensitivity, hoping to discover more such strange signals and explore their root causes.