“Tang Detective 3” surpasses “Reunion 4” domestic films dominate the top five box office in Chinese film history!

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Chinanews client, Beijing, February 27th (Ren Siyu) On February 27th, the Chinese New Year film “Detective Chinatown 3” directed by Chen Sicheng had a gross box office of over 4.25 billion, surpassing “Avengers 4: The End” “War”, ranked fifth in the box office list of Chinese film history.

So far, the top five Chinese movie box office charts have been swept by domestic films: “Wolf Warriors 2”, “Nezha’s Devil Boy”, “The Wandering Earth”, “Hello, Li Huanying”, “Chinatown Detective” Case 3″.

“Tang Detective 3” surpasses “Reunion 4” domestic films dominate the top five box office in Chinese film history!

China Movie Box Office Ranking Top five.

The top five in the box office list are rearranged and combined?

The box office of 7.822 billion yuan and the number of movie viewers were 160 million. This year’s Spring Festival file not only set a number of world records such as the cumulative box office of Chinese film history during the Spring Festival file, and the single-day box office of the global single market, but also two top movies Constantly set new records in film history.

As of 12:00 on February 27th, “Detective Chinatown 3” had a cumulative box office lead of “Avengers 4: Endgame” and became the top five box office lists in Chinese film history. At the same time, “You Well, the cumulative box office of “Li Huanying” has exceeded 4.6 billion, and the gap with the third place “Wandering Earth” (4.686 billion) is getting smaller and smaller.

This is also the transcript of the two films on the 16th day of their release. It is foreseeable that not only the top five Chinese film history box office charts will be won by domestic films, the order of the five films will also Usher in new permutations and combinations.

“Tang Detective 3” surpasses “Reunion 4” domestic films dominate the top five box office in Chinese film history!(1)

As the file for the Spring Festival last year “Legacy Players”, “Detective Chinatown 3” had filled the audience’s expectations before the screening, leading all the way during the pre-sale, and reached a box office of 1 billion 11 hours after the screening. But this year’s Spring Festival, “Hello, Li Huanying” directed by Jia Ling performed even more prominently. The Douban score remained above 8 points, and the box office counterattacked all the way while lagging behind.

On February 21, “Hello, Li Huanying” overtook “Detective Chinatown 3” with a box office of 4.025 billion. On the 23rd, the cumulative box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” surpassed “Avengers 4: Endgame” and became the fourth largest box office in Chinese film history.

As Jia Ling’s directorial debut, “Hello, Li Huanying” not only inspired Zhang Xiaofei, but also helped Shen Teng’s starring role in the box office to a higher level, and also made Jia Ling the highest-grossing female in Chinese film history. director. Some people even said that if “Hello, Li Huanying” finally reached a box office of 5.3 billion, Jia Ling would surpass “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins to become the world’s highest-grossing female director.

In this star-studded Spring Festival period, “Hello, Li Huanying” is not a big production, but under the atmosphere of Spring Festival reunion and family fun, the image of mother and warm affection created by the film hit the national sentiment , And ultimately rely on a strong empathy ability to “open up” all the way.

“Tang Detective 3” surpasses “Reunion 4” domestic films dominate the top five box office in Chinese film history!(2)

The movie “Hello, Li Huanying” stills.

Why can this Spring Festival file create miracles?

Observing the current top five Chinese movie box office charts, “Wolf Warrior 2” and “Nezha: The Devil Boy” was born in the summer file, “Wandering Earth”, “Hello, Li Huanying”, and “Chinatown Quest” “Case 3” are all from the Spring Festival file; and among the top ten box office charts, there are a total of six popular films in the Spring Festival file. The short but explosive Spring Festival stalls have gradually become the cradle of explosive models.

Watching movies has now become one of the New Year customs for people to celebrate the Spring Festival. This year’s Spring Festival stalls are even more special. The suspension of the Spring Festival stalls in 2020 has doubled the enthusiasm of the audience. Under the initiative of “Chinese New Year in situ”, Going into the cinema to watch movies has also become the first choice for people’s entertainment activities.

“Tang Detective 3” surpasses “Reunion 4” domestic films dominate the top five box office in Chinese film history!(3)

Achievement This year the Spring Festival stalls are very popular. According to the lighthouse data, the overall attendance rate for the Spring Festival in 2021 is around 46%. According to the analysis by the Dean of the Lighthouse Research Institute, Mu Chen, this ratio is higher than the 35.5% attendance rate for the Spring Festival in 2019, plus this year’s Spring Festival box office and movie-going attendance. A “double record” in Chinese film history has been set, and the vitality of the film market has gradually recovered.

From “Mermaid” in 2016, “Operation Red Sea” in 2018, “Wandering Earth” in 2019 to “Detective Chinatown 3” in 2021, from comedy movies to today’s different styles With multiple types of films, the changes in the Spring Festival files reflect the changes in the Chinese film industry, and also reflect the gradual upgrading of the narrative and technical expression of domestic films.

For example, during the Spring Festival this year, the movie “Detective Chinatown 3” not only has many domestic and foreign movie stars joining, it is also the fourth commercial film in the world to be filmed with ALEXA IMAX cameras; and in “Assassination of Novelists” , 100% of the film’s main creators are domestic teams. For the first time, special effects processes such as motion capture, facial capture, virtual shooting, and the combination of virtual and reality have been integrated in a domestic film.

With the blessing of the popular Spring Festival stalls, on February 26, the total box office of the Chinese film market in 2021 (including pre-sales) has exceeded 15 billion yuan, reaching more than 70% of the total box office of Chinese movies last year.

The absence of Hollywood and the rise of domestic films

Looking back at 2020, under the premise of effective anti-epidemic measures, the Chinese film industry resumed work in an orderly manner, with a total box office of 20.417 billion for the year, surpassing North America. Become the world’s No. 1 box office market. Among them, the domestic movie box office was 17.093 billion yuan, accounting for as high as 83.72%, supporting the hope of the Chinese movie market.

In addition, the top ten in the Chinese movie box office list in 2020 will also be captured by domestic films for the first time. “Eight Hundred”, “My Hometown and Me” and “Jiang Ziya” are respectively 3.110 billion, 2.829 billion, and 1.602 billion. The box office results of “Yu Hundred” ranked the top three, and “Yu Hundred” also won the 2020 global movie box office champion.

“Tang Detective 3” surpasses “Reunion 4” domestic films dominate the top five box office in Chinese film history!(4)

In terms of imported films , Nolan directed the “Creed” with a total box office of 456 million yuan, and the once high hopes of “Mulan” and “Wonder Woman 1984” finally received only 278 million yuan and 162 million yuan in box office results.

It can be seen that when Hollywood blockbusters are absent due to the impact of the epidemic, domestic films have become the main force in the box office of Chinese movies, and have successfully ignited the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies. Since July 2020 After the monthly movie theater resumed work, the National Day, New Year’s Day, and Spring Festival files set new records in film history many times.

The box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” and “Detective Chinatown 3” continues to rise. Behind the top five in the box office list, the market space for domestic films still has great potential, and at the same time, the effect of word of mouth is becoming more and more obvious At the moment, audiences will have higher and higher requirements for the quality of domestic films.

There are not many new films scheduled after the Spring Festival. For example, the new film “Cat and Mouse” was released on February 26, but the single-day box office was still far from “Hello, Li Huanying”. In the upcoming March, the Spring Festival films are still likely to continue to support the film market, and the combination of the top five box office in Chinese film history will see new changes.

Although the 2021 Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, the box office miracle opened by this Spring Festival stall is still continuing. (End)