The bus”changed” the wheels 11 times in half a year, which attracted the attention of the inspection team…

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“Replace the wheel hub This situation usually occurs when the vehicle has a major traffic accident. Why do these maintenance certificates show that this bus has changed its wheels 11 times in more than half a year? This is obviously unconventional, and there must be hidden secrets!” Not long ago, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province Qinhuai District Committee No. 1 Inspection Team conducted regular inspections of the district’s municipal facility comprehensive maintenance management office, a set of bus maintenance reimbursement certificates with a license plate ending in”J423″ made the staff suspicious. The clue was immediately handed over to the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to be assigned to the Second Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team.

When the investigator contacted Qin, the driver of this bus, Qin dodged at first and deliberately avoided the topic on the phone.”The invoice shows that once in September, once in October, and again in January of the following year… Why are the wheels changed so frequently? Is there any record of accidents? What happened to the replaced old wheels in the end?” Asking questions, Qin was unexpected.

At the same time, another case handler rushed to the traffic accident handling department for further verification. After big data analysis and comparison and retrieval of relevant materials, this vehicle with a license plate ending in”J423″ has no traffic accidents and police records. In order to fully understand the truth, the investigators found a designated repair shop to find out the situation based on the information disclosed by the official invoice seal. The owner of the repair shop hesitated at first, but after some patient persuasion from the case-handling staff, he told the truth:”This bus did come to us for repairs, but it has not changed the wheel…”

” The wheel hub has not been changed, why is the name falsely reimbursed?” The case handlers retrieved all the invoices for repair and reimbursement for the bus over the past year. According to statistics, the total cost was 14,321 yuan. In these types of repairs and items, only the wheel hub has been replaced 11 times, in addition to maintenance, replacement of tires and so on.

In front of many evidences, Qin finally admitted that in the process of driving a bus, sometimes he would run into a red light and other situations where points were deducted by the traffic control department. The penalty is 200 yuan for each deduction, the number of times One more is not a small sum, and the money is paid by oneself, and he is unwilling to do so.”I think it was for the public’s business, not to put it in my own pocket, so I started with the idea of ​​falsely reporting the project to collect maintenance money.” Qin explained.

After investigation, Mr. Qin accumulatively charged 2,758 yuan for traffic violation fines for buses with the license plate end number”J423″, split three times and handed them to the unit’s designated repair shop for advance payment, and then issued a contract with the bus repair fee. A total of 14,321 yuan maintenance fee invoices are reimbursed in the unit’s financial affairs. In January 2021, the Disciplinary Committee of Qinhuai District decided to give Qin a warning within the party and confiscated the disciplinary money.

In order to further standardize the use and management of official vehicles, the Qinhuai District Commission for Discipline Inspection, in response to the problems exposed in this case, urged relevant departments to improve the “Regulations on the Use of Official Vehicles in Qinhuai District”. The maintenance and other aspects issued specific rules to supervise the use and management of official vehicles throughout the process, and promptly investigate and punish various violations of discipline and law in the management of public vehicles.

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