The cumulative number of deaths in the U.S. exceeds 500,000, WHO calls for “vaccine fairness”

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The cumulative number of deaths in the United States exceeds 500,000. The WHO once again calls for “vaccine fairness”

China News Service, Beijing, February 23. Comprehensive news: The latest data on the official website of the World Health Organization shows that as of central European time At 2:15 on the 22nd (9:15 on the 22nd, Beijing time), the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown worldwide reached 11,110,2016, and the cumulative number of deaths was 2,462,911. According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 7:23 on the 23rd, Beijing time, there were 111,693,547 confirmed cases and 24,730,055 deaths worldwide.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on the 22nd that there is a funding gap of at least US$22.9 billion for this year’s “Accelerator Program to Fight New Coronary Pneumonia”, but funding is not the only challenge. He pointed out that some high-income countries have signed contracts with vaccine manufacturers, breaking the existing agreements of the “New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan” and reducing the amount of vaccine available for purchase. Tan Desai called on countries to provide more funds and share vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers will greatly increase vaccine production and give priority to providing vaccines for the “New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan.”

The cumulative number of deaths in the U.S. exceeds 500,000, WHO calls for “vaccine fairness”

On February 16, local time, the mass vaccination station set up at Oakland Stadium, California, was opened to eligible people. This vaccination station will provide 6000 doses of vaccine every day. Recently, many well-known stadiums in the United States have turned into vaccination stations to accelerate the speed of COVID-19 vaccination. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

The Americas: The cumulative number of deaths in the United States exceeds 500,000

The latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that as of the 23rd Beijing time At 7:23, a total of 28,184,218 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, and a total of 500,172 deaths. The number of deaths from the new crown in the United States accounts for 20% of the total number of deaths from the new crown in the world, more than twice that of Brazil, the second-most number of new crown deaths. This number exceeds the total number of deaths in the United States during World War I and World War II.

The front page of the US “New York Times” on the 21st revealed the disaster of the new crown epidemic in the United States with a huge dotted graph. On the timeline of the chart, a black dot represents a life lost due to the new crown. As time changes, dense black dots are more closely distributed, representing an acceleration in the increase in deaths in the United States. The Washington Post reported that in the past “painful year”, the average number of deaths from the new crown in the United States was 1,370 per day, and about 1 person died from the new crown every minute.

On the evening of the 22nd, US President Biden called for “the pain of numbness must be resisted” at the candlelight memorial ceremony held at the White House. On the same day, American infectious disease expert Fauci criticized the U.S. response to the epidemic as “worse than most countries.” He called for unified action across the U.S., instead of states doing their own work, and strengthening prevention and response to mutant viruses.

The cumulative number of deaths in the U.S. exceeds 500,000, WHO calls for “vaccine fairness”(1)

On January 4, local time, Hertfordshire, UK, a teacher watched on a mobile device a speech by British Prime Minister Johnson announcing that the England region had once again been “blocked”.

Europe: Britain announces a gradual unblocking plan

Statistics from the British Ministry of Health and Social Security on the 22nd show that 17.7 million people in the UK have received the first dose of the new crown vaccine, accounting for the country 26% of the total population has reached the “key vaccination target” of 15 million previously set by the British government. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on the 22nd a gradual unblocking and economic restart plan. The plan includes the reopening of schools on March 8 and the removal of some outdoor activity restrictions. From March 29, as the current lockdown policy expires, outdoor sports facilities such as basketball courts and non-essential retail stores, bars, The hairdressing industry reopened as early as April 12th. According to British media reports, before the implementation of the new unblocking policy at each stage, the progress of vaccination and the impact of the mutant new coronavirus will be monitored and evaluated.

German Chancellor Merkel also stated on the 22nd that he is considering relaxing the blockade measures in stages. According to the statistics of the Robert Koch Institute, the German disease control and prevention agency, 4369 newly confirmed cases in Germany on the 22nd, 3307 fewer than the previous day; 62 new deaths, 83 fewer than the previous day. The current rate of COVID-19 infection in Germany is 61 cases per 100,000 people. Merkel pointed out that the incidence rate of 50 cases per 100,000 people is a figure to reduce the burden on the health system, and 35 cases are figures for countries that have begun to open up.

French government spokesperson Attar said that due to the tightening of the epidemic situation, there is uncertainty about the spread of the mutant new coronavirus that has appeared, and the possibility of deregulation is decreasing. In an interview with the Financial Times, French President Macron called on European countries and the United States to donate 5% of their country’s new crown vaccine to poor countries in order to promote the realization of equitable vaccine sharing.

The cumulative number of deaths in the U.S. exceeds 500,000, WHO calls for “vaccine fairness”(2)

The Thai government has adopted new social measures during the COVID-19 pandemic in department stores and other places in Bangkok.

Asia: Thailand will usher in the first batch of China’s new crown vaccine

According to Thai media reports, the first batch of China’s Kexing new crown vaccine will arrive in Thailand on the 24th. Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Anutin said on the 22nd that Thai Prime Minister Prayut will personally pick up the plane and be the first to receive the vaccine. Anutin posted photos of the vaccine on social media that day and posted a message saying, “Hello Kexing Vaccine, I wish you a safe journey! See you on Wednesday.”

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration announced on the 22nd that the country Relevant regulatory agencies and medical experts have conducted a complete and rigorous review of relevant data and information. They believe that the China Kexing new crown vaccine can effectively prevent the new crown and meet the relevant conditions and formally approve the emergency use license. A spokesperson for the President of the Philippines said that the Philippines expects to receive the first batch of Chinese vaccines soon, and they will be distributed to Manila, Cebu, Davao and other places.

Japan’s NHK TV station reported that Japan reported 740 new confirmed cases on the 22nd, a decrease of 292 from the previous day. This is the first time since November 18 last year that the number of new confirmed cases in a single day fell below 1,000. . Up to now, Japan has a total of 427087 confirmed cases and a total of 7,562 deaths. According to “Yomiuri Shimbun” news, the Japanese government plans to start vaccination against the new crown for ordinary people who are not targeted for the first vaccination from May, and is expected to complete national vaccination around July.

The cumulative number of deaths in the U.S. exceeds 500,000, WHO calls for “vaccine fairness”(3)


p > On February 13, local time, an empty shopping mall in Melbourne, Australia.

Africa and Oceania: African countries appreciate and thank China for vaccine assistance

Australia officially launched the new crown vaccine on the 22nd. Australian Health Minister Hunter stated that the first batch of vaccinators included front-line medical workers, quarantine workers, residents and employees of elderly care institutions.

As of the 21st, China has provided vaccine assistance to Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe in Africa. The next step will be to provide vaccine assistance to 19 African countries in need. The Kenyan “People’s Daily” recently published a commentary that pointed out that China has made tangible contributions to promoting the availability and affordability of the new crown vaccine in developing countries, including conflict countries. (End)