The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?

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Chinanews client, Beijing, February 22 (Yuan Xiuyue) The annual idol audition is here again. Recently, “Creation Camp 2021” and “Youth with You 3” have been broadcast successively, with more than 200 trainees and The audience meet.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?

After the broadcast, The first to get out of the circle was Deng Chao, the head of the initiator of “Creation Camp 2021”. He watched the two embarrassing expressions when the trainees perform at the initial rating and was widely circulated. Some netizens ridiculed that Deng Chao’s money is harder to make than Jony J’s.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(1)

In last year’s “Youth In “You Are 2”, rap instructor Jony J was forced to collapse by contestants Li Xining and Qin Niu Zhengwei’s “Poetry Recitation RAP”, and the phrase “light yellow dress and fluffy hair” became an internet buzzword.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(2)

2021 Draft: International Male Groups or Men’s Groups with Attitudes

In the era of attention economy, the “awkward points” of talent shows and the “car accident scene” of players’ performances do not seem to be completely shortcomings anymore. They can at least increase the attention of the program. Compared with netizens complaining, the worse situation should be that no one discusses it.

But to get out of the circle, it is not just a matter of blogging. Some netizens summarized several factors that can attract traffic in the draft: personality, character, personality, appearance, and strength. Refer to the famous saying in the rice circle-“start with appearance, fall in talent, and finally character”.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(3)

“Creation Camp 2021” Stills

It depends on the quality of the players, and more on the level of the program group. In recent years, idol talent show variety shows have exploded, and waves of young idols have quickly become popular, but many of them are “debut is the peak.” Due to the limited reserve of players and varying levels, netizens chasing the talent show often laugh at themselves: “We are not’youth producers’, but’youth victims’.”

In order to highlight the siege, idol talent shows The style and competition system change almost every year. This year’s “Creation Camp 2021” and “Youth Have You 3”, as well as Youku’s “Asian Super Star Cluster” all added international students. In particular, “Creation Camp 2021” and “Asian Super Star Cluster” also clearly marked “Building an International Male The slogan of “Republic” and “representing the level of entertainment in Asia”.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(4)

“Creation Camp 2021” Stills

Among the 90 students of “Creation Camp 2021”, there are more than 20 students from different countries such as the United States, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and Ukraine. According to the rules revealed by the previous program, among the 11 people who finally formed the group, there may be at least 3 international students.

The promoters of the show also embody the principle of “internationality”. In addition to Tranquility, Deng Chao, Zhou Shen, Zhou Zhennan, there are also Chinese American singers, f(x) member Liu Yiyun, and hard candy from Thailand. Zheng Naixin, a member of Girl 303.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(5)

“Asian Super Cluster” The director Lu Wei also revealed that his players come from nearly ten countries in Asia. In order to match trainees from different countries, the training team is also a multinational group.

Competition system changes: full open wheat, students vote together

As for the style of “Youth with You 3”, the style is more unified. Compared with the previous season, the lineup of tutors in this season has been upgraded. , Li Yuchun served as the youth PD, Li Ronghao, Lisa and Pan Weibo served as vocal, dance and rap instructors respectively. In the first episode of the program, a “media press conference” was also added to present the personalities of the contestants in the form of interviews, in line with the style of their idol development department.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(6)

Li Yuchun also proposed that The rating and assessment stage should be fully open to show real strength. In recent years, the live singing and dancing ability of idols has been controversial. There are not many stages of full-open wheat, and many of them have overturned. This is probably a response to the outside world. However, after the show was broadcast, some netizens believed that there was suspicion of sound modification.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(7)

For selection criteria , The instructors put forward two principles, one is to highlight individuality, and the other is true expression. These two points do meet the expectations of many audiences for idols, but it remains to be seen whether it can be achieved.

The competition system of “Creation Camp 2021” has changed considerably. In the past, the four grades of the initial rating were all evaluated by the instructors after consultation, but this year the students’ grades will no longer be determined by the instructor, but by all students and instructors to vote together. In other words, students must not only be recognized by their instructors, but also by their competitors.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(8)

This method is being evaluated The standard is more diverse, but some people think that it reduces the professionalism of the instructor’s evaluation, and it is better to make a solid classic competition system.

After the announcement of the competition system, Deng Chao said in the program: “I think your competition system is well formulated so that you can see the world’s differences.” After the program was broadcast, “the world’s differences” immediately became A hot stalk.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(9)

This is from home and abroad Different performances of the students on the initial stage. Whether it is the champion of the World Street Dance Competition Zando, or the members of the Japanese-American men’s team Mika and Hema, they left a deep impression on the audience. Many netizens said that international students are “reducing dimensionality.” Some people also concluded that there are currently two styles of painting in the show. Domestic students are responsible for making funny comments and international students are responsible for singing and dancing.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(10)

Video screenshots like Japanese players Dowa Riki’s initial rating received high votes

The XXL large-size men’s group “Panda Hall” is currently discussed more in “Youth with You 3”. Some people think that the appearance of the men’s team is still very important. But some netizens believe that men’s teams should be diversified, and there is not only one standard answer.

The draft is in 2021. Have idols have more outlets?(11)

In recent years, from From business ability to fan traffic, and then to the frequent “house collapse” scandals, the outside world’s evaluation of idols tends to be negative, and there are constant doubts about the inconsistency of idols’ popularity and strength. After the two audition shows were broadcast, some netizens complained. Some fledgling players replaced their strength with topics, mistakenly set people as personalities, mistakenly regarded greasy as handsome, and the program team had not started yet, so they wrote their own scripts. .

Are there more outlets for idols?

Actually, it is not only the idols who have caused this situation, but also the imperfect idol industry.

There are very few stages for idols in China, and many people can only go acting or participating in variety shows after their debut. And because the selected groups are all limited groups, they only last for one or two years. After a wave of drafts, the production side is busy cultivating the next wave and harvesting new traffic. Therefore, the active period of idols is also shorter.

In such a rushed atmosphere, whether it is trainees or platformers, many times they focus on topics and personal settings, while neglecting the core competitiveness of idol groups.