“The Era of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” Held in Beijing

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China News Service, Beijing, February 23 (Reporter Gao Kai) Recently, a batch of film and television works focusing on the theme of “Poverty Alleviation” has received widespread attention from the whole society. On February 26, another film telling the story of poverty alleviation in China is about to land in theaters across the country.

The film “A Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” not only depicts a beautiful picture of China’s rural rush to a well-off society in the new era, but also shows affectionately the portraits of people on the front line of China’s poverty alleviation.

The film channel will launch a comprehensive well-off theme key film “A Thousand Hectares and Clear Blue Era” at the right time. Based on the first batch of Lankao’s practice of “taking the lead in poverty alleviation” as the prototype, this “great battle” is presented in a panoramic view. The earth-shaking changes that come.

A few days ago, the creation seminar of “A Thousand Hectares and Clear Blue Times” hosted by the producer’s film channel was held in Beijing.

Zhi Tang Ke, director of the creative department of the Film Channel Program Center and director of the film “The Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Green”, introduced, “The entire creative process of the film lasted 4 years. The closer we get to Lankao and this theme, The more I feel its unique value and connotation of the times.” “A Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” uses realistic creative methods and the most sincere and simple performances to show the true appearance of the front line of poverty alleviation to the audience.

Because the story takes place in Lankao, “The Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” also specially invited actors from Henan to participate in the creation. In the film, Li Dongxue plays a passionate young man who is determined to find a way out of rural China in academics. When he was a student, he knew about the spirit of Lankao and Jiao Yulu. This time he was invited to play a role as a grassroots cadre. Li Dongxue bluntly said that “opportunities are precious.” As soon as he got the script, he carefully discussed the drama conflicts in the film with the director and screenwriter, deeply understood the significance of the subject matter of the times, and shaped his own sense of belief. “The whole process was rather nervous, hoping to leave as little regret as possible and work at the grassroots level. The authors make a sincere report.”

As the director of the film, Ning Jingwu frankly admitted that it is not easy to complete the creation of a specific target theme. “An Era of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” is to use Lankao to fully show the major event of China’s poverty alleviation, which requires the film to be comprehensive and deep enough. In this process, the creator must resolve the relationship between the individual and the greater self, and also consider the details of realistic creation. It is a dynamic process of constantly overthrowing and discovering. Ning Jingwu hopes that “A Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” can be real enough and sincere enough, only in this way can it truly impress the audience.

On the same day, the main creative team of the film “The Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” also specially invited nearly 50 representatives from all over the country to watch the film in advance. At the seminar, Wang Xiaonan, the first secretary of Zhangzhuang, Lankao County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, Yu Henan, the first secretary of Xueniufang Village, Zhaojiagou Township, Tianzhen County, Datong City, Shanxi Province, and Longjing Municipal Committee of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province Mayor Yang Wenjun, as a participant in the great battle of “Poverty Alleviation”, successively shared his work experience.

Many of the details of the story in the movie “The Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Blue” are based on Wang Xiaonan’s personal experience when he was in the village. During the filming process, she was always very excited. “Many clips remind me of those people and things in Lankao. The inner drama of the protagonists is my inner drama.” Wang Xiaonan also said that the resonance brought by the movie is to the poverty alleviation cadres. For them, it is both comfort and encouragement.

“The Era of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” Held in Beijing

Professor of Tsinghua University, Chinese filmmaker Yin Hong, vice chairman of the association and vice chairman of the China Literature and Art Critics Association, commented that “A Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Blues” not only depicts real people and real things, but also has realistic typological creations, and has a systematic approach to the entire process of poverty alleviation. The show is a successful “era report film”.

Rao Shuguang, president of the China Film Critics Association, affirmed that the film has a “large layout and a large amount of information”, which not only tells the story of poverty alleviation in China, but also fits the theme of comprehensive well-off and rural revitalization. The innovative interpretation of the main theme will also be attractive and penetrating among young audiences.

Li Daoxin, the deputy dean of the School of Art of Peking University, bluntly stated that “A Time of Thousands of Lights and Clear Greens” has exceeded his expectations. It has a modern vision, a historical aura, and a Chinese position, the Yellow River style and the feelings of family and country. The depth of thought, humanistic connotation and artistic quality have a high standard. (End)