The first batch of “Made in Wuhan” inactivated vaccines for the new crown is launched and the annual output can reach 100 million doses

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China News Service, Wuhan, February 28 (Reporter Xu Jinbo) The first batch of new coronavirus inactivated vaccines produced by China National Bio-Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., rolled off the line from Wuhan Institute of Biological Products on the 28th Departure issued. This is not only the second new crown vaccine approved for conditional marketing by China Biotech, but also the third inactivated vaccine approved for marketing conditionally in China.

On February 1st last year, China Biosciences, as the lead unit, won the key special “2019-nCoV inactivated vaccine” project of the Ministry of Science and Technology National Key Research and Development Program “Public Safety Risk Prevention and Control and Emergency Technology and Equipment”. The emergency project was established, and then the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products of China Biology and the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences quickly started cooperation, and quickly launched the research and development of new coronavirus inactivated vaccines. The research team has successively overcome vaccine strain screening, virus seed library establishment, antibody preparation and identification , The establishment of testing methods, compatibility and formula screening, production process research and other key technologies for the development, production and quality control of new crown vaccines, determine the process technology route and product quality attributes, quickly carry out and complete animal experiments and safety and effectiveness evaluations Wait for work.

The first batch of “Made in Wuhan” inactivated vaccines for the new crown is launched and the annual output can reach 100 million doses

The picture shows the Central China Biological Industry The base was unveiled. Photograph by Xu Jinbo

On April 12, 2020, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products of China received the world’s first clinical approval for a new coronavirus inactivated vaccine and simultaneously carried out I/II clinical trials. The statistical results showed , After vaccination, the safety is good; after different procedures and different doses of vaccination, the vaccinated persons in the vaccine group all produced high titer antibodies. On June 23, the UAE Minister of Health issued a clinical trial approval document to China Biotech, marking the official launch of the world’s first international clinical trial (Phase III) of the new crown inactivated vaccine. On June 30, the first batch of the vaccine was put into emergency use, and emergency vaccinations were successively carried out for specific groups of people in China.

On February 25 this year, the National Medical Products Administration, in accordance with the “Vaccine Management Law” and the “Drug Management Law”, formally approved Sinopharm Sinopharm Wuhan Biological Products Research with conditions in accordance with the special drug approval procedures All limited liability companies’ new coronavirus inactivated vaccines (Vero cells) are applied for listing and registration.

On the 28th, the first batch of “Made in Wuhan” new coronavirus inactivated vaccines approved for marketing departed from the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products. The Institute of Biological Products has built a biosafety workshop for the new crown inactivated vaccine. After inspection and certification by the relevant state departments, it has been put into large-scale production, with an annual output of 100 million doses.

On the same day, Sinopharm’s China Bio-Central Industrial Base was inaugurated simultaneously. The base is centered on the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products project, focusing on the production of vaccines, blood preparations and therapeutic biological drugs, and will become a modern biological drug industrialization base. The relevant person in charge of Wuhan said that the industrial base will play an important role in promoting the development of a trillion-level health industry cluster in Wuhan, and promoting Wuhan’s post-epidemic recovery and rebirth.