The journey is long, but there is only struggle. A letter from Tianwen No.1

By yqqlm yqqlm

The journey is long, but there is only struggle. A letter from Tianwen No.1

Tianwen No. 1 brake capture effect picture . Photo courtesy of the Eighth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

I was more than 200 days away from home and traveled 475 million kilometers. At this time, I finally successfully “braked” at a distance of 400 kilometers from Mars and entered the ring fire orbit. Looking back at the home of the earth, it is 200 million kilometers apart. Is everything okay for the family?

I know that my hometown is now after the beginning of spring, and I am full of emotions. I set off under the scorching sun in July 2020. You on the earth have gone through the hot summer, rustling golden autumn, and rustling winter, carefully guarding and accompanying me to the spring back to the earth. From the day I set off on the fire, my family members have carefully interpreted my state day and night. I made 4 midway corrections along the way, a deep space maneuver, and two state self-checks, making my journey warm and steadfast.

This time the near-fire braking, I am even more confident. There are hundreds of family members working together in the flight control center, and they are tracking 24 hours a day; there are more flight controls from the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group” The strongest team is in the battle. Among them are 16 technical experts and consultants including Academician Ye Peijian, 5 two general managers, and 61 flight control personnel in various positions. Thank you!

I finally entered an orbit around Mars, and I can take a good look at this red planet. At this moment, you are sharing with me the joy of entering the orbit of Mars, and I am also enjoying the auspiciousness of the New Year with you. Take this opportunity to wish the family and the people of the whole country New Year here! I wish you all a happy New Year of the Ox!

“Sun Moon An? Lie Xing An Chen?” The curiosity and doubts left by the Chinese nation looking up at the starry sky have always inspired me to find answers. The most common saying of the family is ” The journey is long and there is only struggle.”

Since the ring fire, my Chinese-made spacecraft has officially become a satellite of Mars. Next, I have to adjust the orbital surface and two near-fire braking. In this way, my closest distance to Mars is only 265 kilometers. After that, I will complete the circumnavigation and photographing missions and conduct a landing tour in 3 months. be ready.

I will do my best and wait for my good news!