The theory of the independent origin of the Chinese is overthrown

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The theory of the independent origin of the Chinese is overthrown

But the latest research will overturn the latter statement. The Li Hui team of the former School of Life Sciences of Fudan University and the Sun Xuefeng team of the School of Geography and Ocean Sciences of Nanjing University The latest paper was published in the internationally renowned journal PNAS, and a new statement was put forward.

They studied the discovery of modern humans in caves in southern China, and multi-dimensional cross-corroboration to overthrow the local origin theory proved that modern humans arrived in southern China not more than 60,000 years ago.

This research involved 5 sites related to the origin of modern people in southern my country-Huanglong Cave, Luna Cave, Fuyan Cave, Yangjiapo Cave and Sanyou Cave, and completed detailed geomorphological and stratigraphic surveys and Multi-technology comprehensive dating, the conclusion is that the time measured by the uranium thorium dating method of capped flowstones is not accurate, and the latter shows that these fossils originated in the range of 168,000 to 70,000 years ago.

The team of Professor Sun Xuefeng and others determined after research that the time when modern humans first appeared in southern China should be about 50,000 to 45,000 years ago within the time range set by molecular data, rather than earlier.

To sum up, the ancient human sites in southern China have been determined to be 120,000 years ago, which can be used to support the claim that the Chinese originated independently, but the latest research shows that the previous measurement results are inaccurate. These fossils are no more than 60,000 years old, and they still conform to the theory of African origin.