The year-watchers guarding the Spring Festival transport: the train headed for “home”

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China News Service, Hangzhou, February 12 (Su Lihao) In front of the platform of Hangzhou East Railway Station in Zhejiang, the G20 train slowly approached, and Chen Suping dragged police equipment on the platform for a long time. She is a member of the police detachment of the Hangzhou Railway Public Security Department. Since the police, this year is Chen Suping’s eighth Spring Festival travel season.

Affected by the epidemic, the passenger flow of this year’s Spring Festival Transport did not soar as in previous years, but nonetheless, trains still carry the reunion of the wanderers returning home. As soon as the G20 train stopped, Chen Suping skillfully picked up the luggage and walked into the carriage, and together with the conductor, carried out the safety check before the passengers board the train. This time, in order to guard the return of thousands of travelers, Chen Suping still failed to go home for the New Year.

The year-watchers guarding the Spring Festival transport: the train headed for “home”

Chen Suping welcomes passengers outside the train. Photo by Su Lihao

G20 is a train that departs from Hangzhou East to Beijing South. Due to the short cycle time and the train entering Beijing, the passenger flow is large on weekdays, which adds extra to the police. pressure. “However, the passenger flow during the Spring Festival Transport this year has been significantly reduced. Normally, this train has 16 carriages, but it has been reduced to 8 during the Spring Festival.” Chen Suping said.

It is predicted that during the Spring Festival this year, the passenger traffic of railway and civil aviation in and out of Beijing will drop 43% compared with 2020 and 69% compared with 2019. The original large-scale migration of people returning home will be due to “local Chinese New Year.” Become a little deserted.

The year-watchers guarding the Spring Festival transport: the train headed for “home”(1)

Chen Suping helps travelers. Photo by Su Lihao

“I also want to’Celebrate the New Year in situ’, but the nature of work makes me have to travel back and forth.” Chen Suping joked that even though the passenger flow has decreased, the Spring Festival transport is the most important period for railway operation One, security work cannot tolerate the slightest sloppy.

Since the passengers entered the station, Chen Suping stood outside the door to remind passengers to pay attention to safety. After the train started, she walked from the first section to the last section of the carriage to conduct inspections of fire-fighting facilities and passenger property safety Reminder. Following in the footsteps of Chen Suping, the reporter found that the carriage was filled with a strong “New Year flavor”: the blessings of Happy New Year, pieces of New Year goods on the luggage rack, and strings of red pendants all revealed the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

The year-watchers guarding the Spring Festival transport: the train headed for “home”(2)

Chen Suping checks safety information with the conductor . Photo by Su Lihao

“As long as they are passengers with red outer-packaged luggage, they will go home for the New Year.” Chen Suping told reporters that every time at this time, passengers will bring large and small bags of New Year goods Go home, and red is often the standard for new year’s goods. Of course, Chen Suping did not forget to arrange the New Year goods on the luggage rack neatly and remind passengers to take care of them.

In the doors and junctions of the carriages, the red “Fu” and a series of window grilles are like telling everyone on the train: New Year is really here.

Every Spring Festival travel season, every train is full of wanderers, and even the police who use cars as their home all the year round will inevitably experience fluctuations in their hearts. Chen Suping’s hometown is Linyi, Shandong. She has not been home for the New Year in recent years. Even if she usually goes home, she can only stay one night in a hurry and return to work the next day.

“We work for two days and have three days off. This is the case throughout the year. There is no concept of vacation.” Chen Suping said that her husband is a soldier, and the couple work without home for a long time. The nature made her feel a little guilty, “It’s always a pity to do this once a year during the Chinese New Year.”

The year-watchers guarding the Spring Festival transport: the train headed for “home”(3)

Chen Suping looks out the window at the junction. Photo by Su Lihao

Like the travelers returning home, the policemen are also wanderers, but unlike the travelers, they can only entrust their thoughts of their hometown by guarding them with due diligence.

2014 was Chen Suping’s first year at work. She was also on the train on New Year’s Eve that year. “There were very few people on the train that night. A young girl left for Xiamen. In Chengdu, I instinctively came forward and asked, and I realized that she was just going home to spend the New Year with her parents.” Chen Suping said that the experience touched her deeply, “I missed my parents at that moment.”


p >G20 train conductor Zhou Siru is from Shaanxi. She told reporters that the train was very deserted on New Year’s Eve. “The people who have returned home have already arrived home. Only a few passengers are still on the train on New Year’s Eve. I’m on the police.”

No matter where you are from, every New Year’s Eve, the people on the train are a family. In order to make up for the regret of not being able to spend the New Year at home, the wanderers will also “hug together for warmth”. The police, the conductor, and the flight attendants have formed a deep friendship: on weekdays, everyone is responsible for the division of labor, and on New Year’s Eve, everyone will prepare a hometown delicacy to bring to the train, and “catch” into a sumptuous reunion dinner.

“This has become our tacit understanding, and perhaps it is also a habit that we have cultivated all year round to go to work on New Year’s Eve.” Zhou Siru said that the people on a train are all a family, and you must be in a foreign country. reunion. In Chen Suping’s view, “It is good to be able to enjoy food from all over the country.”

Before the high-speed rail era, the oil train was a memory of a generation. “At that time, the Spring Festival Transport was phenomenal, and there were too many people to imagine.” Chen Suping said that many people could only buy unseat tickets because they could not buy tickets. On oil trains, the junction of the carriages became their stopping place. , “A large number of people means an increase in risk. This will test us even more during the Spring Festival.”

Nowadays, the Fuxing train represented by the G20 has become the mainstream of Chinese trains, and the seatless ticket is gradually Withdrawing from the market is not only for the safety of train operation, but also to reduce the pressure on the police on duty. But at the junction of the carriages, this hidden corner is still a place that Chen Suping cannot ignore.

“Passengers’ luggage is stored at the junction, and there will be more passengers getting on and off the bus during the Spring Festival travel season than before. Some accidents will inevitably occur during the queue.” Chen Suping recalled a case a few years ago: one at a time A passenger called the police that a piece of luggage was missing and insisted that it was stolen while queuing to board the bus. But according to Chen Suping’s experience, the interval between getting on the bus and putting off the luggage is too short, and it is difficult for anyone to steal and escape in such a short period of time.

In the case of the passenger insisting on calling the police, Chen Suping accepted it. After recording the relevant case, she also called for monitoring, but did not find relevant clues. Fortunately, the station staff called and informed The passenger left his luggage at the station.

“During the Spring Festival travel season, everyone is back home. It is inevitable to lose everything. Our job is to guard the safety of passengers and trains, so that they can go home with peace of mind. I think it’s worth it.” Chen Suping said.

But what Chen Suping did not mention is her own “homecoming.” The scenery outside the window changes constantly between the howling of the train. At the junction, she can always appreciate the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. As far as the police are concerned, in addition to paying attention to the safety of this corner, this corner also carries and entrusts their longing for their hometown.

The next stop of the G20 is Jinan Station. For this Shandong-born policeman, “near hometown cowardice” may have even more unspeakable meaning. The train slowly entered the platform, and Chen Suping walked outside the carriage to greet the new passengers. After a while at the railway station in her hometown, she will head to the next destination. (End)