There is your name on the wordless monument-dedicated to the heroes who died on the battlefield of poverty alleviation

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Your name is on the wordless monument-dedicated to the heroes who died on the battlefield of poverty alleviation

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 22nd, title: Your name is on the wordless monument-dedicated To the heroes who died in the battlefield of poverty alleviation

There is your name on the wordless monument-dedicated to the heroes who died on the battlefield of poverty alleviation

Imposition Photo: On October 1, 2019, Zhang Xinlong, a villager in Daping Village, Zhongzhai Township, Yanhe Tujia Autonomous County, Tongren City, Guizhou Province, was sad when talking about Wen Weihong (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xing); Right: 2018 On December 27, 1999, Wen Weihong visited a villager’s home in Daping Village, Zhongzhai Town, Yanhe Tujia Autonomous County. Xinhua News Agency issued

History will remember that this miracle in the history of poverty reduction in the world——

In 8 years, all 832 impoverished counties in China have been decapitated, and nearly 100 million poor people across the country have been lifted out of poverty. .

The motherland will remember that these heroes who interpret their faith with passion–

In 8 years, there were more than 3 million village officials, first secretaries and millions of grassroots workers. Fight on the battlefield without gunpowder. As of the end of July 2020, more than 1,500 people have died on the front line of poverty alleviation.

The people will remember that this united and united battle—

The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core is very concerned about the protection of the grassroots front-line poverty alleviation cadres and emphasizes the need to let those who do There is a bitter person who eats fragrant food, sweating and bleeding, and sacrificing. Relevant departments of the State Council and various localities continue to strengthen guarantees in terms of life, health, and safety, and provide timely compassion and condolences to the families of the sacrificed cadres.

Change the world and the earth, and use one’s own body to promise the country. The years will blur the memory, but your names will always be engraved on the solid ground and will always live in the hearts of the people.

(1) The days of poverty alleviation, but without you

In the early spring, Guizhou Sawtooth Mountain stretches for tens of kilometers, and the eyes are full of fresh green.

Driving three hours from the county seat and crossing a 90-kilometer mountain road, Daping Village, Zhongzhai Town, Yanhe County, Tongren City emerged in the looming clouds.

A team of villagers carry the new honey brewed on their backs, and from time to time they will come to several folk songs. This is the scene seen by Canadian student Li Yunqi walking into Daping Village.

However, when he walked into the village and asked about the livelihood of making honey, many villagers had tears on their faces, because they thought of a person, the person who taught them to make honey-Wen Wei Hong.

Walking into the dormitory on the second floor of the village committee, handwritten and hand-painted maps of people’s sentiments, poverty alleviation policies, and telephone numbers of poor households are all over the walls, and the newly established files of poor households are listed in the cabinet. On the desk, beside a pile of medicine bottles for lowering blood pressure and treating the lumbar spine, there was still a commendation document issued by the Tongren Municipal Party Committee for “Outstanding Communist Party Members for Poverty Alleviation in the City”.

“He didn’t have time to attend the commendation meeting.” Tan Pengfei, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhongzhai Town, said that Wen Weihong had been in the village for more than a year and only asked for a leave to send his son to college. My heart is here”.

After I was busy with beekeeping, I was busy with flue-curing tobacco, and helped the family and the other family. No one would have thought that this gyro-like person would be killed in an accident, only 45 years old.

“Good boy, I didn’t see it the last time you left…” The 85-year-old Tian Weiying knew that the person who always gave her glutinous rice cakes was gone, and cried and fainted on the spot.

On the day of seeing him off, thousands of villagers from the village and surrounding villages came, crowded the corridors of the village committee office, lined up to the opposite hillside, square, road, and kept it until dawn. ……

Who is not a mortal? Who has no love for children?

Once they choose to go to the expedition, they will have no hesitation.

When Jiang Feng rushed to Sieji Village, the whole township government suppressed people. Hundreds of villagers gathered around the body of his son Jiang Fu’an and wept bitterly.

They pooled money temporarily, bought brand-new Yi people’s clothes and pants, and put them on as if they were doing their own funeral.

Knowing that Jiang Feng is the father of “Secretary Jiang”, the villagers ran to hold his hand and kept shouting “Aba Jiang”.

In Yi language, “Waji” means cliff. Si’eji Village, Jiukou Township, Meigu County, Sichuan Province, is located on Waji Mountain with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters.

From the township government to the “cliff village”, 6 kilometers, no traffic. Every morning, the villagers can see this agile young man, “turning up” from the sea of ​​clouds, no matter the heat or cold.

In this place where many people are illiterate, not many people can figure out who he is. Holding a notebook in his hand, he ran across 4 groups in the village. He could speak Yi and every family member had to chat.

The beautiful handwriting is full of what you see and think:

From December 5th to 6th, interview with students from single-parent families who are studying in Jiukou Elementary School… You need to apply for 1124 from the unit. A student’s schoolbag and stationery have been completed.

From December 10th to 12th, visit the phenomenon of migrant workers in the whole village… The problem and difficulty are language barriers. There are few migrant workers and lack of leaders. Labor skills training is required.

From December 13th to 14th, visit the living environment and family situation of three orphans, namely Shi Yi composer, Shi Yi Niuniu, Shi Yi Ahei, etc. We need to actively seek out loving people and sponsor them to attend junior high school, High school, university!

In this way, go step by step, ask each sentence, note one by one, do one by one.

In one year, Jiang Fuan stepped on three pairs of shoes. The dogs in front of each house saw him no longer barking, and 721 villagers in the village regarded him as their relatives.

The child is only 26 years old, Jiang Aba feels uncomfortable!

When the child came here, he didn’t know it was so far.

Abba Jiang tried to stop. The father and son quarreled, and the son directly threw out:

“Abba, there is a shortage of people in Liangshan. You are a party member, and I am also a party member. I want Go where I need me most!”

Is it worth it? Jiang Fuan once said: “My happiness is the honest greetings from the folks and hopeful eyes.”

Worth it! The villagers are vying to tell Abba one by one what the “Secretary Jiang” has done.

I can’t forget, he sent dozens of children from the village to the school, and put his wages into the hands of poor households again and again;

I can’t forget, he got 20,000 After tying the potato seeds, he seldom laughed and shouted: “I have done a big deal!”

Not to forget, he happily introduced his Yi name in Yi language, “Wu Libu Ji, It means’toward a good direction'”…

From the hinterland of the Daliang Mountain to the depths of Xihaigu, from the plateau pastoral area to the old revolutionary base…Countless poverty alleviation heroes have given sincere support.

On the eve of the college entrance examination, the son of Fu Jie, a support cadre in Wufu Village, Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province, vaguely heard the news of his father’s death. He cried and called his mother, wanting to hear his father’s voice.

Mom said: “Dad is asleep, don’t disturb.” The son can only half believe, and finish the test paper with a tear.

Why did that loud-sounding and windy old man lie down so quietly? How could the man who respected his parents and loved his wife and children left without concern?