There will be 8,237 sports venues in Tibet in 2020

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China News Service, Lhasa, February 28 (Zheng Lu) The reporter learned from the Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau on the 28th that as of the end of 2020, there are 269 sports social organizations at all levels and various types in Tibet (119 at the autonomous region level, municipalities). There are 8237 sports venues with an area of ​​about 5.55 million square meters, 1.6 square meters per capita, 5547 social sports instructors at all levels, and 1.58 social sports instructors per 1,000 people.

It is reported that 2020 is the closing year of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. During this period, Tibetan athletes participated in domestic and international competitions and won 92 gold medals, 75 silver medals, and 64 bronze medals for a total of 231 medals.

There will be 8,237 sports venues in Tibet in 2020

The picture shows 2019, ordinary people Experience the snow-climbing activity at Luodui Peak. Data map Photo by Zhao Lang

Based on its unique geographical advantages, Tibet has been vigorously developing outdoor outdoor sports in mountain areas in recent years to promote the development of the local sports industry. Brand events such as the Trans-Himalayan International Cycling Extreme Race, Tibet Mountaineering Conference, Lhasa Half Marathon, Cymba Songco Mountain Bike Cross Country Challenge, etc., cultivate market players, build an industrial system, and guide sports consumption.

At the same time, in the mountaineering industry, Tibet achieved an output value of 77.64 million yuan (RMB, the same below), and generated 30.69 million yuan of income for the mountain. The environmental protection work of mountaineering has been comprehensively strengthened, and the mountaineering garbage cleaning activities of Mount Everest and other peaks have been carried out many times. Since 2016, a total of 30.77 tons of mountaineering garbage have been cleaned up, effectively protecting the ecological environment of the mountain.

In 2020, in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, Tibet will adopt the “National Fitness + Internet” model, invite outstanding athletes, coaches and social sports instructors, and open venues and resume competition activities in an orderly manner. Lhasa Racecourse “One-stop National Fitness Experience Zone”, organizes “Cloud Fitness” online competitions, “Help fight the epidemic, home cycling” National Fitness Online Cycling Race, Luodui Peak public hiking, New Year’s climbing fitness Events such as conferences.

Nima Tsering, director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, introduced that 2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Tibet will start the construction of an information platform for national fitness work, focusing on preparing for the 14th National Games. Mass competitions, actively develop community sports, protect and inherit traditional national sports, and plan ahead for the preparations for the 12th National National Games. (End)