These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!

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First report |These words of President Xi, witness from space!

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 21st

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!

In 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed a major initiative to jointly build the “Belt and Road”.

Under the personal care and promotion of President Xi Jinping, the international cooperation of the “Belt and Road” took root and blossomed. A number of key projects continued to deepen and become solid, achieving stage results, showing vigor and bright prospects.

Seeing is better than hearing. “The First Report” loads the “Eyes of Space” (satellite shooting), overlooking the achievements of the “Belt and Road” construction from space, and invites you to experience these shocking changes in the past and the past.

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(1)

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Piraeus, located about 10 kilometers southwest of Athens Port (abbreviated as “Bia Port”) is the largest port in Greece. At the end of 2009, Greece broke out a sovereign debt crisis, and Pygmy Port also fell into a huge loss.

The “Belt and Road” cooperation brings new opportunities to Piraeus Port. Since COSCO SHIPPING began participating in port operations in 2010, the container throughput of Piraeus Port has increased from 880,000 TEUs that year to 5.65 million TEUs in 2019, becoming the largest port in the Mediterranean region, creating a large number of local employment opportunities.

On November 11, 2019, President Xi Jinping visited the COSCO SHIPPING Piraeus Port project, listened to the introduction of port operation and development planning, and had a cordial conversation with local employee representatives.

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(2)

“I told President Xi, I have been involved in the’Belt and Road’ initiative from the very beginning.” recalled Thasos Vamvakidis, the commercial manager of COSCO SHIPPING Port Piraeus Terminal Co., Ltd., who had a face-to-face exchange with President Xi Jinping.

“In the next two years, Bigang will advance the construction of the fourth pier. The terminal is expected to have an annual throughput of 2.5 million TEUs. These will promote the greater development of Bigang.” Tis said that the deepening of future cooperation between Greece and China will create more employment opportunities for Greece and bring prosperity to the local society.

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(3)

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September 17, 2014, President Xi Jinping and Sri Lankan leaders Together, they laid the foundation stone for the Port City of Colombo and opened the ribbon for the start of the project.

Colombo Port City is a key cooperation project between China and Sri Lanka to jointly build the “Belt and Road”. Ground was broken in September 2014. It is planned to build a new city next to Colombo through land reclamation, which will become a South Asian region after completion A high-end urban complex integrating finance, tourism, logistics, and IT.

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(4)

Current Port City Reclamation of all 269 hectares of land has been completed, artificial beaches, yacht piers, and offshore breakwaters have also been completed, and municipal greening projects are continuing. In December 2020, the Port City’s first investment and development project, the first phase of the International Financial Center Complex, was signed.

September 17, 2020 is the 6th anniversary of the groundbreaking of Port City. Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who participated in the commemoration, said: “The scene that laid the foundation six years ago is still fresh in my memory. I sincerely thank President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government for their valuable support to Sri Lanka.”

< p> Rajapaksa said: “The Port City will become a key engine for Sri Lanka’s future development. It is not only a contemporary, but will also benefit our children and grandchildren.”

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(5)

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(6)

The Port of Duisburg in North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany is an important stop for the China-Europe Railway Express, a key project of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

On March 29, 2014, President Xi Jinping visited the Port of Duisburg and raised his earnest hopes——

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(7)

Since the opening of the “Yuxin Europe” train in 2011, Duisburg has continued to expand its connections to China. The express train network now runs as many as 60 trains between China and Duisburg every week, bringing huge business opportunities to the Port of Duisburg. The rapid development of Duisburg Port has driven the development of the logistics industry in the old industrial city Duisburg and the entire Ruhr Industrial Zone.

Erich Stark, CEO of Duisburg Port Group, said that about one-third of the total trade between China and Europe through the China-Europe Railway Express is through Duisburg. Logistics hub, which creates a large number of job opportunities for Duisburg, which is undergoing industrial structural transformation.

In 2020, the volume and freight volume of China-Europe freight trains will rise against the trend, breaking through 12,000 lines. The freight volume in the first 10 months has exceeded that of the whole year of 2019, becoming a “steel transportation” helping countries fight the epidemic. Camel Team”.

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(8)

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The Sino-Belarusian Industrial Park on the outskirts of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is ” Iconic projects and model projects along the Belt and Road.

On May 12, 2015, President Xi Jinping made a special trip to inspect the China-Belarus Industrial Park.

Since the second half of 2015, the construction of industrial parks has progressed rapidly, and the business environment has improved year by year. As of the end of 2020, the industrial park has attracted 68 companies from 14 countries, with an agreed investment of US$1.22 billion, involving machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, new materials, electronic communications and other industries.

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(9)

According to China White According to Yan Gang, general manager of the Industrial Park Development Company, the total export value of the industrial park has reached 75 million US dollars, creating nearly 1,000 local jobs. The average salary of Belarusian employees in the park is much higher than the local level.

Belarusian economist Kovalev said that the Sino-Belarusian Industrial Park is a model project for cooperation between the two countries on the “Belt and Road” initiative and is open to investors from all over the world. In the context of China’s promotion of strengthening cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries, the prospects for cooperation between Belarus and China on the “Belt and Road” initiative are exciting.

“Khorgos-Dongdaemun” Special Economic Zone dry port

These words of President Xi are witnessed from space!(10)

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