Tokyo Olympic torch relay begins in March

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Tokyo Olympic torch relay begins in March

Chinanews.com According to the official website of the Tokyo Olympic Games, on the 25th local time, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee announced that the Tokyo Olympic torch relay will be from March 25th to July 23rd local time. The relay will start from Fukushima Prefecture.

It is reported that the specific format and details of the torch relay will be adjusted due to the local epidemic situation. Therefore, there may be situations in which the torch relay is suspended on public roads, the celebration venues only hold the lighting ceremony, and the audience is not allowed to participate. The announcement stated that the specific situation will be announced and updated after confirmation.

Regarding epidemic prevention, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee emphasized that closed spaces, crowded places, and crowds should be avoided during the torch relay. In addition, the organizing committee also hopes that the audience will not cheer, but express their support for the torchbearer in the form of applause, wear masks and avoid contact with others.

According to Japanese media reports, the torch relay will depart from the football facility “J-Village” in Fukushima Prefecture (located in Naraha and Hirono) on March 25. The torch will pass approximately 10,000 Famous torchbearers passed in 47 prefectures. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee required that the torchbearers should avoid gatherings and other activities two weeks before the run, and fill in the physical condition management form. (End)