“Treasure-like Village” finale Hua Shaoyou Changjing treasure hunt in Chun’an, Zhejiang

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China News Service, February 22. Recently, the experiential country roaming variety show “Treasure-like Village” ended. The show led the audience to explore the achievements of poverty alleviation in a fun way. The last stop was Hua Shao, You Changjing and other treasures The group members came to Chun’an, Zhejiang, walked into the Nianwei market and villagers’ homes in Xiajiang Village, and felt the new life in the beautiful countryside.

In Xiajiang Village, the lively market allows the treasure group to find the intimacy of “going home for the New Year”. Agricultural and sideline products and snacks made of grain are now exported to other provinces through the developed logistics and network. ; And Xiajiang Village, once famous for its barrenness, has now opened a casual cafe, giving everyone a new understanding of the new style of the countryside.

“Treasure-like Village” finale Hua Shaoyou Changjing treasure hunt in Chun’an, Zhejiang

The program also comes through games Looking for “country treasure”, THE9-Kong Xueer was “slapped in the face” by the tail of the fish in the fish-catching competition by the Qiandao Lake, and never gave up because the caviar was “beckoning” to her; Hua Shao and Ren Xianqi were pumping wood There are unique tricks in the stick game, just to get the opportunity to find the civilized paper and root carvings made from trees; Xiong Ziqi and You Changjing experienced a gravity-impeded senior experience game in Keqiao, Zhejiang…

Behind the treasure hunt are stories of cultural heritage: the caviar produced by the sturgeon of Qiandao Lake has become an internationally renowned domestic product; the Kaihua paper of Zhejiang Kaihua embodies the determination of generations of inheritors to revive traditional skills; the shape is exquisite The root carving artworks show the patience and determination of the traditional craftsmen…

The closing trip, the program team also prepared a special surprise-the memory of killing dinner, each dish is a treasure tour The members of the group counted the memories of the journey. The9-Kong Xueer and You Changjing said that they were prepared to “endure hardship” when they were invited to the show at first. The appearance of the countryside broke their previous perception of the countryside.

“Treasure-like Village” finale Hua Shaoyou Changjing treasure hunt in Chun’an, Zhejiang(1)

Leishan Gastrodia, Selenium-enriched small potatoes, Delingha lamb…The food not only stores the memories of the show, but also reflects the strength of counterpart support and cooperation between the east and the west. Zhejiang and Guizhou Leishan, Hubei Enshi, and Qinghai Delingha have formed deep help The friendship, these rural changes, are also shown to the audience during the treasure hunt.

It is reported that the second season of “Treasure-like Villages” has also entered the preparatory process. The new season will select places such as Nagqu in Tibet, Aksu in Xinjiang, and Aba in Sichuan, which are covered by the “three counterparts” work in Zhejiang Province. Make a recording. (End)