U.S. White House plans to charge reporters for new crown testing, causing controversy

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According to a report from The Washington Post on February 26, local time, the White House Press Office stated that starting from March 1, journalists who enter the White House for news coverage will be charged a fee of $170 per person for new coronavirus testing. . The move was opposed by the White House Correspondents Association.

U.S. White House plans to charge reporters for new crown testing, causing controversy

Reports indicate that there are dozens of people every day Reporters enter and exit the White House for daily interview work, and the White House requires all personnel to be tested for the new crown virus before entering the White House premises. So far, the cost of testing has been borne by the White House, but White House officials believe that this measure has made the White House budget tight, and therefore hopes that each news organization will bear the cost of new crown testing alone.

The White House Correspondents Association strongly opposed the move. The association stated that the move will bring economic burdens to news organizations, especially those with smaller scales and lack of funds. The high testing fee will also bring a heavy burden to large news organizations. For example, some TV and Internet media. Some media may send up to 8 staff members of different positions to the White House to report every day. In this way, it will cost 1,360 per day. US dollars.

According to reports, news organizations in the United States have been paying a lot of money to cover news events in the White House for a long time. For example, when a reporter rides on Air Force One with the president, the White House will charge the reporter extra, and the reporter will also need to pay extra for temporary office space and meals.

The Washington Post quoted a member of the White House Correspondents Association as saying that this move by the White House has brought an economic test to reporters covering the White House news.

Under the opposition of the Association of Journalists, White House officials agreed this week that reporters and other fellow interviewers can choose to be tested for the new crown virus from outside and carry certificates, and to the very small number of reporters authorized to follow the president to conduct interviews as well as Participants in the daily routine press conferences will be tested for the new coronavirus free of charge.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the White House currently allows up to 80 news agency staff to enter each day, including reporters in the briefing room and staff in the back work area, and the ellipse on the North Lawn Camera crew outside the office. At present, the number of reporters participating in the daily routine press conference is limited to less than 14. (CCTV reporter Xu Tao)