UK accelerates vaccination plan

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Britain accelerates vaccination plan

China News Service, London, February 22 (Zhao Xingyi) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on the 21st that he would start vaccination acceleration The plan is to realize the anti-epidemic effect similar to “herd immunity” as soon as possible.

UK accelerates vaccination plan


p > Johnson presided over the senior government ministers’ meeting on the same day and posted on Twitter that he would provide the first dose of the new crown vaccine to all 45 million adults over the age of 18 in the UK by July 31 and complete the injection. Johnson said that accelerating the promotion of the new crown vaccine will help protect vulnerable groups faster and ease the strict epidemic blockade restrictions.

The steps of the new accelerated vaccination plan are to complete the first dose of vaccination for people aged 50 years and over and people with potential health problems before April 15; The first dose of vaccination for adults.

On February 15, the United Kingdom completed the vaccination of 15 million people in four types of high-risk, priority groups, achieving the government’s set pre-vaccination target.

The British Minister of Health Matthew Hancock said in an interview with the media that the British health department has already stocked up enough new crown vaccines. The new target can be achieved by the end of July. Every adult in the UK will receive at least one vaccine. Vaccine, “We have the ability to do this.”

With the recent sharp increase in the number of vaccinations in the UK and the sharp drop in the number of single-day virus infections, Prime Minister Johnson will officially announce a new “roadmap” for the fight against the epidemic in the United Kingdom on the 22nd, gradually relaxing the third time nationwide Sexual epidemic lockdown. Facing the economic pressure to lift the blockade and the growing social voices, Johnson emphasized that “the’road map’ to lift the blockade will be prudent and will be carried out in stages in the future. All of us need to continue to protect ourselves and those around us.” (End)

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