Vigorously promote the spirit of poverty alleviation

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Source:People’s Daily Online

Great cause breeds great spirit, and great spirit leads great cause.

“The great struggle for poverty alleviation, forged and formed the spirit of poverty alleviation of’the top and bottom, working hard, precise and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, tackling difficulties, and not letting the people’.” Summary and commendation for poverty alleviation nationwide At the conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly summarized the glorious history of poverty alleviation, deeply reviewed the touching deeds of poverty alleviation heroes, emphasized that the whole party, the country and the whole society must vigorously promote the spirit of poverty alleviation, unite, fight bravely, and resolutely overcome all difficulties and difficulties on the road ahead. Risks, and continue to win new and greater victories in persisting and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics!

Fighting against difficulties is a material struggle and a spiritual confrontation. In the face of poverty, the stubborn disease of human society, the party and the people have overcome all obstacles and weathered the storm. Not only have they completed the arduous task of eradicating absolute poverty, they have created another human miracle that shines through the annals of history, and they have also forged the spirit of poverty alleviation. In this massive people’s war for poverty alleviation, millions of poverty alleviation cadres devoted themselves and worked hard, wanting, living together, and working together with the poor; the masses of poverty alleviated people have inspired the spirit of striving for improvement. God, strive to create a happy life with his own hands; all walks of life care for the poor, care about poverty reduction, devote themselves to poverty alleviation actions, promote the virtues of mutual assistance, solidarity and mutual assistance, and vividly demonstrate the spirit of poverty alleviation. Li Baoguo, the”New Fool” who has adhered to the Taihang Mountains for 35 years, and Zhang Guimei, who dedicated his life to education and alleviation of the poor and ignited the hopes of the girls in the mountains, used hard work to fulfill the oath of”the water is not going to pass, take the life to shop” Huang Dafa, who returned to his hometown to make dedication and compose the song of youth in the new era Huang Wenxiu, Huang Shiyan, who has rooted in poverty alleviation and devoted himself to the struggle…In the battlefield of poverty alleviation, which is a battlefield without gunpowder, countless people have sprinkled their hard work and sweat over thousands of mountains and thousands of households, interpreting the spirit of poverty alleviation with practical actions. More than 1,800 comrades have fixed their lives on the journey of poverty alleviation. Their dedication and contribution are shining through the annals of history. The party and the people will not forget! The republic will not forget!

The spirit is not strong. In the great struggle for poverty alleviation, the whole country has completed this great cause of great significance to the Chinese nation and to the entire mankind with the common will and action of the whole country, which has greatly enhanced the self-confidence and pride of the entire party and the people of all ethnic groups. , Cohesion and centripetal force.”The top and bottom are united in the fight, precise and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, overcoming difficulties, and not failing the people”, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s incisive summary of the spirit of poverty alleviation, profoundly clarified that our party has united and led the people of all ethnic groups in the great fight The spiritual essence of”Poverty” has profoundly revealed the source of strength for the overall victory in the fight against poverty. As General Secretary Xi Jinping has profoundly pointed out:”The spirit of poverty alleviation is a vivid portrayal of the nature and purpose of the Chinese Communist Party, the will of the Chinese people, and the spirit of the Chinese nation. It is a concentrated expression of patriotism, collectivism, and socialist thinking. It is the Chinese spirit and Chinese spirit. The full manifestation of value and China’s strength has continued to pass on the great national spirit and the spirit of the times.” On the journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the spirit of poverty alleviation has built a new spiritual monument, which will surely become the promotion of China’s development and progress in the new era. An important spiritual motivation to overcome all risks and challenges.

All great achievements are the result of continuous struggle, and all great undertakings need to be promoted in the future. Getting rid of poverty is not the end, but the starting point for a new life and a new struggle. After the victory of poverty alleviation, we must comprehensively promote rural revitalization. This is a historic shift in the focus of the”three rural” work. We must deeply realize that the depth, breadth, and difficulty of implementing the rural revitalization strategy are no less than poverty alleviation. Rural revitalization cannot wait or be delivered. We need to strengthen our confidence, set goals, work hard, and work hard for a long time. With the spirit of poverty alleviation of”concentricity from top to bottom, fighting hard, precise and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, overcoming difficulties, and not failing the people”, we insist that the green hills will not relax, and we will do it year after year, one thing after another, we Only in this way can we paint a magnificent picture of rural revitalization, move steadily towards the goal of common prosperity, and write a new chapter in China’s development.

Looking forward to the future, we are striving for the historical ambition of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Vigorously promote the spirit of poverty alleviation, forge ahead, work hard, continue to work hard, and continue to struggle, we will surely be able to accomplish more major events like poverty alleviation, continue to move from victory to new victory, and create new historical brilliance in the new era .

“People’s Daily” (February 28, 2021 02 Edition)