Visiting Chengdu Supercomputing Center: The highest computing speed is 1 billion billion times per second to fill the gap in the west

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China News Service, Chengdu, February 20th. Title: Visiting Chengdu Supercomputing Center: The highest computing speed is 1 billion billion times per second to fill the gap in the western region.

The Xinglong Lake in early spring is sunny and lush and green. By the lake, a blue building is very eye-catching and full of futuristic sense. This “Blue Cube” in Tianfu New District, Sichuan is the core building of the Chengdu Supercomputing Center.

The Chengdu Supercomputing Center, which will be completed and put into operation in 2020, has a maximum computing speed of 1 billion billion times per second, and has entered the top ten in the world. Recently, the reporter learned after field visits that the Chengdu Supercomputing Center has filled the gap in western China and will also provide important support for Chengdu to build a nationally influential science and technology innovation center.

Visiting Chengdu Supercomputing Center: The highest computing speed is 1 billion billion times per second to fill the gap in the west

The picture shows the Chengdu Supermarket under the sun Calculate the center silicon cube.

Gu Qin, chairman of Chengdu Supercomputing Center Operation Management Co., Ltd., introduced that Chengdu Supercomputing Center started construction in August 2019. In less than a year, the Silicon Cube, Power Building, and Research Building Three core buildings rose from the ground to complete the installation, commissioning and testing of the Chengdu supercomputer host system and put it into trial operation.

“The construction of the supercomputing system itself took only 6 months. This is an amazing speed in the field of domestic technological innovation. It can be said that Chengdu Supercomputing has created a national supercomputing center. A new record of construction.” Gu Qin said.

The reporter saw at the scene that the appearance of the Chengdu Supercomputing Center was particularly special. The two huge buildings are arranged in an arc shape. The center of the arc is a blue cube building, which is the supercomputer room of the Chengdu Supercomputing Center-Silicon Cube.

Gu Qin introduced that the Silicon Cube has five layers, and the entire supercomputer system is distributed among them. Such a three-dimensional space can reduce the length and difficulty of network wiring and maximize the efficiency of space utilization. “More importantly, There is a’Chengdu core’ in the Chengdu Supercomputing Center. The chip is designed by Chengdu.”

Walking into the supercomputing room, the reporter heard a low sound of water flowing in his ears. It was the liquid cooling system of the supercomputing room. Cooling down the supercomputer. Along with the deep sound of water, a supercomputer with a maximum computing speed of 1 billion billion operations per second is running.

What’s the use of Supercomputing Center? According to Gu Qin, supercomputers with a computing capacity of one billion and ten billion times per second seem to be far from people’s daily lives. In fact, supercomputing continues to serve scientific research innovations such as universe evolution simulation, weather forecasting, aerospace, seismic analysis, life and health, and has been fully integrated into all aspects of people’s lives.

Gu Qin gave an example. The 2003 special effects shots of a certain movie were all produced and synthesized by a computer. Among them, one shot overlooking the earth for 2 minutes. It took the producer half a year to complete the animation design and construction. Scenes, post synthesis and other links, “If you have Chengdu Supercomputing, it can be done in just 6 days.”

“University scientific research institutes, scientific and technological enterprises represented by artificial intelligence, and social livelihoods The three major groups in the service field are all important customers of the Chengdu Supercomputing Center.” Gu Qin said that at present, the Chengdu Supercomputing Center has provided computing resources, software development, talent training and introduction, and major scientific research for more than 200 customers. Projects, computing industrialization promotion of five categories of services, a total of 1.52 million scientific research tasks have been completed, and the CPU computing utilization rate has reached 30%.

He Tiening, a researcher at the National High Performance Computer Engineering Technology Research Center and a member of the National Key R&D Program High Performance Computer Expert Group, said that the completion of the Chengdu Supercomputing Center, which fills the gap in the west, will accelerate artificial intelligence and big data analysis The big data processing industry gathers, “it is equivalent to attracting the’nest’ of science and technology enterprises, and the supercomputing center is equivalent to the’abacus’ in the hands of scientists. With the supercomputing center, scientists and science and technology enterprises will follow. ”

Gu Qin revealed that in the next step, the Chengdu Supercomputing Center will gather enterprises related to supercomputing application software research and development, technological achievement transformation, software product promotion, application technology services, and application scenarios to cultivate the supercomputing application industry ecology. , And actively strive to be included in the national supercomputing system.

It is understood that the Chengdu Science City, where the Chengdu Supercomputing Center is located, has developed extremely rapidly in the past three years. It has introduced 212 major projects with a total investment of over 240 billion yuan; leading industry revenues reached 15 billion yuan; There are 438 high-tech enterprises, the average annual growth rate in Chengdu, and more than 3,600 new economy enterprises, with an average annual growth rate of over 20%.