When you go uphill

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Source:Yuncheng News Network

□ Huang Xiaoping

When you go uphill, look back and see what will you see? You will see that behind you, there are all downhill roads, and they extend to your feet.

What does this mean or what does it mean? Explain that when you go uphill, the downhill behind you has been”biting” you tightly, and has never relaxed. Therefore, the more uphill a person walks, the less he can be paralyzed, the less careless, the less complacent he is, and he must always have a sense of crisis in his heart of”walking against the current, or retreating if you don’t advance.”

Go uphill, effortless; downhill, save effort. When you go uphill, you can choose to go downhill without any effort as long as you turn your head and turn around. Therefore, the more you go uphill, the less you can relax.

When you go uphill, all you see is the uphill road. Sometimes, you have to look back and look at the downhill road behind you to alert yourself:Don’t be too proud!

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