Why did you choose three young actors for Beijing Renyi’s new year’s play?

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Chinanews client, Beijing, February 23 (Yuan Xiuyue) At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, “My Poor Malat”, created by the famous Soviet dramatist Albuzhov, is about to land on the stage of Beijing People’s Art. Art this year’s first small theater new repertoire.

The play is directed by Lin Cong and starring Wang Jiajun, Chen Hongxu and Shi Yunpeng. “On the surface, this is the love story of three young people. In fact, it is discussing what happiness is. This is the essence of this play.” Lin Cong said.

Why did you choose three young actors for Beijing Renyi’s new year’s play?

Three young people during World War II Human Destiny

For theater audiences, the name Albuzhov is no stranger. Most of his works reflect the life and ideological conditions of the younger generation in the former Soviet Union. The international theater scene has had a profound impact. In 2019, Beijing Renyi put his work “Old Comedy” on stage for the first time.

As the first new play in this year’s small theater, “My Poor Malat” once again continues the author’s profound, delicate, and open style, giving a lot of space for second creation from the text.

The play is set against the background of World War II. It shows the fate of three young people who met in the ruins of Leningrad under gunfire. In the span of more than ten years, they once After meeting and separating, finally found his own way.

Marat, Leonidjik and Rika became friends in trouble during the war. Both lads loved Rika, they joined the army one after another, Marat returned with the Medal of Heroes, Leon lost an arm. After the war, the two met with Rika. Rika couldn’t make a choice, so Marat took the initiative to withdraw and leave for a long distance to complete the pair of best friends left.

Many years later, Marat became an accomplished bridge architect, but he deeply felt that after leaving Rika, his courage and passion for life had diminished. He finds old friends, but their condition is worse. Rika is content with going to get off work and leaving work, while Leonidjik is tired of life. Finally, under the stimulation of Marat, Leonidjik realized that he had been eroded by a comfortable life and consumed Rika’s will, so he resolutely left Rika and Marat, determined to live an independent and genuine life. life.

“This work has many levels, with philosophical thinking about life, inspiring enthusiasm, and the confusion of how people should choose when facing disasters.” Director Lin Cong introduced, the writer of In each of the life-oriented scenes, issues such as love, ideals, and life are discussed, and they are profound in the trivial.

“How people keep their original ideals and how to make choices, I think everyone will see themselves from it, or think of how they looked when they were young.”

Why did you choose three young actors for Beijing Renyi’s new year’s play?(1)

“In fact, in 2019, the dean gave us the next task , To train young actors in theaters. I also think that Beijing Renyi should actually be the talent of young actors, and I hope that young actors can stand in the middle of the stage so that more audiences can see them.” Lin Cong said.

For the three young actors, Wang Jiajun, Chen Hongxu, and Shi Yunpeng, there are no small challenges. On the one hand, they have to perform the rich and sensitive inner world of the characters in the play; on the other hand, due to the large time span in the play, the actors need to complete the growth and transformation with the characters. This change is not the maturity of the external image, but It is reflected through the performance of characters.

“Performers must have a strong sense of belief, they must put their own thinking into it, and they must act themselves while playing roles.” Lin Cong said that the most difficult thing is to grasp the scale of performance , Actors need to be more life-oriented, which also makes everyone look forward to the performance of young actors.

Why did you choose three young actors for Beijing Renyi’s new year’s play?(2)

Poetry everywhere : The relationship between performances has changed

From the poetic language of the script to the second poetic stage manifestation of the director and performance, “My Poor Marat” will build a bridge between ideal and reality for the audience. Lin Cong revealed that there will also be some changes in the performance of this play.

The audience in the theater will not only be a viewer, but also a participant. While watching the story, they will also substitute themselves in it. “The work has a poetic sadness, like a stream slowly Flowing, the audience’s thoughts will feel the flow of time on the stage following the plot.”

In her view, the relationship between people and the relationship between people and oneself in the work are not superficial, all need Thinking and reading, “So this is a play that you can watch more than once, and you will experience a different taste every time you watch it.”

Currently, the play has entered the late stage of rehearsal, March 12 Starting today, it will officially meet with the audience at the Human Art Experimental Theater. (End)