2021 International Women’s Day: How to care for “her power” when women bear the burden of the world

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China News Service, March 8th (Sweet) On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, UN Women launched an event with the theme “Female Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in the Context of the New Coronary Epidemic” to praise all parts of the world Women have made great efforts to help the world restart from the new crown epidemic, calling for the advancement of a more inclusive and equal society.

Looking back at the past year, it was them who were brave and firm, and were always fighting on the front line of the epidemic; it was them who were tolerant and gentle, and healed the traumatized world. “Her power” has become an irreplaceable part of the global fight against the new crown epidemic.

2021 International Women’s Day: How to care for “her power” when women bear the burden of the world

local time, January 2021 On the 20th, Bulgaria, Dr. Bogoyeva and colleagues were examining the X-rays of the lungs of patients with the new crown.

They, stick to the frontline of the fight against the epidemic

“Every day, they fall asleep with the burden of the world”

Data from UN Women shows that, globally, Women account for more than 70% of global medical and health workers and are active on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. In China, two-thirds of the 42,000 medical staff who went to the front line of the fight against the epidemic were women. Among them, female doctors accounted for about 50% of the total number of doctors, while female nurses accounted for 90% of the total number of nurses.

The 82-year-old Bulgarian doctor Maria Bogoeva is one of these heroes. After the outbreak, she gave up her original retirement plan and stayed in the hospital to work.

In November 2020, Bogoyeva experienced the most deaths she has seen in her career. “The hospital is overwhelmed and the corridors are full of waiting patients.” Now that the epidemic has eased, she is preparing for the spread of the mutated virus that may break out. “My age? I don’t mind. I am willing to work.”

African immunologist Kizmekia Corbett is one of the main scientists who developed Modena’s new crown vaccine. During the research and development period, she “sleeps with the burden of the world every day, because this deadly virus is spreading rapidly”.

When the results of the study finally showed that the vaccine was effective, Corbett was so excited that he wept for a while. Today, the Modena vaccine has been put into use in many countries.

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They, heal them with gentleness Trauma

“At this moment, we can express sorrow”

They are still healing the hard-wounded world through the meticulousness and gentleness of women.

Beside a heart-shaped wreath made of flowers in Boston, USA, three daughters who lost their fathers in the epidemic embraced and comforted each other, and then silently remembered them. This form of mourning comes from the creativity of American artist Christina Libby, which is to create a space for others to talk and share emotions by placing flower exhibits in public places.

After noticing that the epidemic restricted the way people say goodbye to the deceased, making it mostly limited to online funerals, Libby launched this volunteer activity called “Flower Heart”, hoping that people will have More space to express grief, “I watch people kneel down and pray…At this moment, we can express sorrow.”

Beth Crosses, the head of the Australian Volunteer Organization, is still outside the residence. Created a “wall of goodwill” covered with free homemade masks for use by low-income groups; Tarika Izmail, head of Kenya’s feminine hygiene products project, led the team, Distribute feminine hygiene products to girls from impoverished families;

The organization of Sarah Bige, CEO of the British Construction Industry Training Council, allowed construction companies to suspend tax payment during the first lockdown period, and Provide financial support for tens of thousands of apprentices.

The United Nations pointed out that the new crown crisis has demonstrated the central role of women’s contributions. But at the same time, it also highlights the excessive burden they bear.

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They are struggling with tradition Cage

“I reach my limit almost every day”

During the work from home, Tokyo brand consultant Amawada takes on about 80% of the “unpaid work” at home, including educating three-year-olds. Her daughter, arranging meals, washing clothes, etc., belong to her own time, has become “unreachable luxury.” In contrast, her husband can concentrate on working from nine to five at home.

“The first two or three months were very bad. I reached the limit mentally almost every day. My daughter cried, and I cried,” Tianwada recalled.

The epidemic is increasing life and cultural pressures, and women are usually designated as the main caregivers. “They must take care of the health of their families and pay attention to hygiene. If they do not do well, they may be looked down upon.” Said Nishimura Yuki, director of the Japan Mental Health Service Association.

British media also analyzed that traditional gender norms have strengthened the concept that men bear the breadth of the family and women bear housework and become housewives. Nowadays, due to the impact of the epidemic, women take on more housework and family responsibilities, threatening certain gender equality achievements.

The latest research by Theirworld, a British charity, shows that under the epidemic, women aged 14 to 24 are responsible for most of the housework, but at the same time they have less time to invest in education and self-improvement.

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local time July 2020 On 9th, Santiago, Chile, El Pino Hospital nurse Damaris Silva played the violin for patients with new coronary pneumonia in the intensive care unit.

Support them, not just today

Data released by UN Women in November 2020 show that during the epidemic, the proportion of women leaving the labor market was higher than that of men. , The new crown pandemic may cause the status of global women to fall back 25 years.

WHO data also shows that one out of every three women in the world has experienced physical or sexual violence. During the lockdown, they also faced a surge in domestic violence.

The female suicide rate is also worryingly soaring. According to the “New York Times”, in Japan, a total of 6,976 women committed suicide in 2020, an increase of nearly 15% over 2019, and the first year-on-year increase in more than a decade.

Behind every number, there are flowers one after another that should be in full bloom. She is in trouble and withered gradually. Now it’s another year of International Women’s Day. In addition to praise and celebration, what else can we do?

In this regard, the United Nations Development Programme calls on governments to provide temporary basic income for millions of the world’s poorest women to help them cope with the impact of the epidemic and reduce economic pressure.

In addition, every bit of action taken by you in front of each screen may also have a knock-on effect that benefits individuals.

Support for them should not be only today–

Please listen more and understand, share family responsibilities as much as possible, and insist on saying no to the violence and discrimination around you. “Support” for every lovely and beautiful her! (End)