A man in Anhui stopped the deputy mayor’s car in the street

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1. A man in Anhui stopped the deputy mayor’s car on the street

At 8 am on March 5th, Anhui Province Wuwei City Deputy Mayor of the People’s Government and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Huang Jinlong and the driver drove a police car to Wuhu< /span>The Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee held a meeting and was passing through a section of road near Tanggou Town on Tongjiang Avenue. Suddenly, a man in his 30s stopped the car and beckoned to the police car in which Huang Jinlong was riding for help and said,”My wife is about to give birth. Now that the amniotic fluid ruptures and my stomach hurts badly, I must rush to the nearest hospital for fear of traffic jams in the morning peak.”

After a brief understanding of the situation, Jinlong asked the driver to drive the police car to guide the pregnant woman to Wuhu.Direction of the Third Yangtze River Bridge, and at the same time contacted the traffic police at the Third Yangtze River Bridge Law Enforcement Station of the Bridge Brigade, Traffic Police Detachment of Wuhu City Public Security Bureau, requesting a green channel to be opened and relayed escort. At about 8:20, the vehicle arrived at the traffic police enforcement station of the third bridge of the Yangtze River. After receiving a call from the law enforcement station who was already waiting here, the police immediately drove the police car to relay and escort the car. At the same time, the siren was turned on and the siren was sounded for the private car carrying the pregnant woman. Clear the way. In the end, it only took 10 minutes to safely escort the pregnant women to the Wuhu Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

In the afternoon of the same day, Li, the man who asked for help, called the traffic police and told his wife that his wife had given birth to a girl at 9 o’clock in the morning and that the mother and daughter were safe. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the police for their timely help!< /p>

2. Women in the three cities of Shanghai, Hefei, and Hangzhou are most likely to invest and make money

Recently, China Central Radio and Television CCTV Finance released the”Survey on the Good Life in China (2020-2021)”. Statistics show that in the field of investment, women do not give up, and the proportion of Chinese women making money from investment is higher than that of men. In various investment categories, men and women have similar choices, and men are significantly higher than women in radical investments such as stocks and precious metals such as gold. Women are significantly higher than men in sound investments such as insurance and bank financing. What is the return on women’s securities investment? A large survey found that women who have invested, as a whole, the proportion of losses is lower than that of men, while women who make money and who do not make a profit are slightly higher than men. The large survey also found that the southern girl is more careful in calculating and investment income is slightly better than that of the northern girl through the comparison of investment in the female securities market in the south and the north. Among the 36 large and medium-sized cities, Shanghai, Hefei, and Hangzhou have the highest proportion of women’s investment profits.

  1. Wuxi opens the imported drugs“zero delay” service

early morning on the 7th At about 5 o’clock, an all-cargo plane from Chicago, USA to Wuxi landed at Sunan Shuofang International Airport. Among the goods shipped by air, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. imported 47.7 kilograms of semi-finished drugs”Anda Tang” from the United States. This is the first business that Wuxi ushered in as the country’s first dual port for drug import. At 5:27 that day, 1.5 million pieces of”Anda Tang” arrived at random. After receiving the instruction, Wuxi Customs staff quickly boarded the plane for quarantine and disinfected the cabin and cargo. The staff of Wuxi Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau is responsible for receiving, reviewing, filing and issuing all the materials for inspection. After 5 hours, the experience was verified and the medicines were successfully picked up and loaded on the truck and released.

Wuxi is the highland of the biomedical industry in the Yangtze River Delta. Last year, the scale of the biomedical industry in the city reached 113.596 billion yuan, which concentrated a number of well-known foreign pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Huarui, Nutricia, and Pfizer. Previously, due to the lack of drug ports, Wuxi pharmaceutical companies had to transport imported drugs to Shanghai and other places before transferring to Wuxi. Sometimes import customs clearance took more than 100 working days. In September last year, with the approval of the State Council, the Wuxi Air Port and the Jiangyin Port port were added as a drug import port. Wuxi has become the first city in the country to be approved as a dual port of air port and water port since the implementation of the drug import port declaration policy in 2015. After the dual ports for imported drugs are opened, enterprises can handle import customs clearance procedures in Wuxi, and can also settle in the comprehensive bonded area to achieve comprehensive bonded functions, and logistics and capital costs will be greatly reduced.

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