Biden announces new vaccination targets

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China News Service, March 3rd. According to a comprehensive report, US President Biden announced on the 2nd that before the end of May, the United States will produce enough new crown vaccines for all adults. With the recent decline in the number of new cases and deaths, many places in the United States have begun to relax epidemic prevention restrictions. The governor of Texas announced on the 2nd that the mask injunction will be cancelled. But experts warn that the new crown epidemic is far from over.

Biden: Produce enough vaccines for adults before the end of May

Biden announced on the 2nd that by the end of May, the United States will produce enough new coronavirus vaccines for all adults. Two months earlier than expected.

Biden announces new vaccination targets

However, this does not mean that everyone in the United States will be vaccinated before May 31. Problems such as vaccine distribution and manpower may cause it to take longer to vaccinate all the vaccines. At present, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown in the United States exceeds 28.7 million, and the deaths exceed 516,000.

Biden also said that he hopes that all school staff will receive at least one dose of the vaccine before the end of March.

In addition, Biden announced that another US pharmaceutical company will help Johnson & Johnson produce the new coronavirus vaccine that has just been authorized for emergency use in order to expand supply more quickly.

Previously, US officials said that Johnson & Johnson had unexpected production problems. Only 3.9 million doses of vaccine were produced before the emergency use authorization was obtained on February 27. The company promised to deliver 100 million doses of vaccine by the end of June.

The governor of California angrily criticizes “Hu Lai”

The governor of Texas, Abbott, announced on the 2nd that he will abolish all new crown restrictions imposed on companies and cancel statewide Mask injunction. According to reports, Texas still reported more than 8,000 new cases on the 1st.

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p > Abbott said at the press conference: “Today, I will issue a new executive order that will revoke most of the previous (economy shutdown) executive orders. Starting next Wednesday, all types of enterprises are allowed to open 100%. This includes any type of entity in Texas. In addition, I will end the statewide mask order.”

To date, more than 2.66 million Texas people have been infected with the new crown virus and more than 44,000 have died. . As of March 1, the seven-day average death toll in Texas was 228, which is higher than the state’s level in July 2020 when the mask order was first implemented. Despite this, the situation in Texas has improved significantly, and the number of hospitalizations is at its lowest level since October 2020.

Shortly after Abbott announced the decision, Mississippi Governor Reeves also announced that starting on the 3rd, he will end the state-wide mask injunction and cancel almost all new crowns for enterprises in the state. Restrictive measures. Reeves said that the only unchanged rule is that the capacity limit for indoor business premises remains at 50%, and the school’s related policies remain unchanged.

California Governor Newsom responded to the state’s practice, saying, “It’s absolutely nonsense.”

Across the United States, the number of new cases and deaths began to decline sharply after the Christmas holiday surge. Governors in many places are relaxing the new crown restrictions, but health experts warned that the new crown epidemic is far from over. Wallensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said on the 1st that she was worried that “the trajectory of the epidemic may change.”