Celebrating “Elephant Day” throughout Thailand

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China News Service, Bangkok, March 13 (Reporter Wang Guoan) March 13 is Thailand’s annual “Elephant Day”, and celebrations have been held across the country.

Pattaya, near Bangkok, held a religious celebration for the elephants on that day. At the event, 35 elephants gave donations to 9 local monks and accepted the bathing ceremony.

Celebrating “Elephant Day” throughout Thailand


p > Ayutthaya held a “Fruit Banquet” and dozens of elephants enjoyed the fruit feast. Many tourists are also competing to feed the elephants with food.

Elephants have a close relationship with Thailand’s history, culture, and religion, and have a special place in the hearts of Thai people. Historically, elephants have played an important role in Thailand’s military, transportation, and labor. Even today, elephants still contribute to the development of Thailand’s tourism industry.

In order to strengthen the protection of elephants and make people pay attention to the importance of elephants in Thai history and culture, the Thai government decided in 1998 to designate March 13th each year as “Elephant Day.”

Since last year, many elephant shelters or elephant performance parks in Thailand have been forced to close due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Due to the sharp decline in income, the food sources of many elephants have become a problem, and their livelihoods are threatened. The person in charge of an elephant park in Ayutthaya expressed the hope that international tourists will return to Thailand as soon as possible to help Thai elephants survive. (End)