China Triathlon Association Xiamen Training Base Unveiled, Athletes Actively Prepare for the Olympics

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China News Service, Xiamen, March 7 (Li Siyuan and Zhang Lu) “Xiamen has very good waters and complete runway facilities. The entire environment is very suitable for triathlon sports.” Sun Liangyong, the leader of the Chinese triathlon team, on the 7th In an interview with reporters, he said that the level of Chinese triathlon athletes is leading in Asia, but it needs to catch up in the world.

On the same day, the opening ceremony of the Xiamen Training Base and Xiamen Office of the China Triathlon Association was held in Xiamen Huandonghai Meifeng Sports Park. Chen Xiaoran, Secretary General of China Triathlon Association, Sun Liangyong, Team Leader of China Triathlon, Ruan Dunliang, Director of Xiamen Sports Bureau, and Wu Mingming, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Road and Bridge Construction Group and Chairman of Xiamen Road and Bridge Sports Industry Group, attended the unveiling ceremony.

China Triathlon Association Xiamen Training Base Unveiled, Athletes Actively Prepare for the Olympics

The picture shows the Chinese triathlon team Friendly players in the game. Photo by Zhang Lu

After the unveiling ceremony, the friendly match of the Chinese triathlon team honked in Meifeng Sports Park. The contestants are composed of Chinese triathlon athletes and Xiamen triathlon amateurs. In the friendly competition, there are two types of riding and running. Each player needs to ride for 20 kilometers and run for 5 kilometers. After fierce competition, a group of athletes from the Chinese triathlon team Chen Qi won the championship of the friendly match in 47 minutes and 7 seconds.

“Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, we have not participated in international competitions since the end of 2019, and in 2020 we have only participated in 3 national competitions.” Zhong Meng, a member of the Chinese triathlon national team After Ying Gang took part in the altitude training, she came to Xiamen non-stop to participate in the training. “From the plateau to the plain, I think the training goal is basically achieved.” Zhong Mengying told reporters with a smile that Xiamen has a superior environment and there is a “rainbow” track in front of the athletes’ dormitory that is specially used for competition. There is no car and it is safe. Every time she comes to Xiamen, she will ride on it for training.

China Triathlon Association Xiamen Training Base Unveiled, Athletes Actively Prepare for the Olympics(1)

The picture shows the athlete sprinting to hit the line. Photo by Zhang Lu

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese triathlon team transferred from Kunming Haigeng to Xiamen Huandonghai area for a two-month closed training. Xiamen Luqiao Sports Industry Group, as the support and guarantee unit of the national team training, escorted the training, accommodation and food of the national team, and won the opportunity for the three subway fans to compete with the national team players.

Xiamen has good climate, geographical conditions and ecological environment, and convenient transportation. It is suitable for hosting various triathlon events and conducting high-level training. On November 8, 2020, the Xiamen Road and Bridge Sports’ own IP event, the 2020 Xiamen Triathlon Open, was held on the Romance Route in the East China Sea, allowing all metro triathlon enthusiasts across the country to experience the extraordinary charm of the Romance Route in the East China Sea. . (End)