China’s third batch of astronauts selected: the space station will be operated

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Currently, my country’s astronaut team includes the first/second batch of 16 , The third batch of 18 people, a total of 34 people.

Among them, the first and second batches are preparing for space station orbit construction missions. Four manned flight crews have been selected and mission training is underway. The third batch is mainly for flight preparations during the operational phase of the space station.

In terms of extravehicular spacesuits, the current design is also more cashier and more comfortable. It is divided into 6 layers and has the functions of radiation protection, high and low temperature protection, pressure adjustment, etc., and also has a life support system.

Compared with the in-vehicle space suit, the weight of the extra-vehicle space suit is generally more than 120 kilograms.

China’s third batch of astronauts selected: the space station will be operated

China’s manned space project was established in 1992 , The three-step plan originally proposed, has achieved the first and second steps, and has entered the third step, that is, fully transferred to the orbital construction of the space station.

According to the plan, 11 missions will be implemented this year and next, including 3 space station section launches, 4 cargo spacecraft launches, and 4 manned spacecraft launches. The space station will be completed in orbit by 2022.

At present, the core module of the space station “Tianhe” and the Long March 5B Yao-2 carrier rocket that undertakes the launch mission have all arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Site, and it is planned to launch in the first half of this year.

At the same time, the Long March 7 Yaosan launch vehicle for the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft is currently undergoing full-arrow assembly.

Long March 2 F Yao 12 and Yao 13 carrier rockets for the launch of Shenzhou 12 and Shenzhou 13 spacecraft are ready to go.

Next year, we will also launch space station experiment module 1 and experiment module 2. The related work is progressing steadily as planned.