Embrace hope in spring

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The spring breeze brings warm days, and Wanjia is happy for another year. Suddenly, the grass and trees are beginning to sprout, and there is nothing left to do. In the spirit of vitality and warmth, whether you are a”primitive” who celebrates the New Year on the spot, or a”indigenous people” reunited with a family, the taste of the New Year has not changed in this most grand Chinese festival. The atmosphere is still strong, let us say to each other in the New Year’s celebration:Happy Chinese New Year!

Spring represents growth, warmth and hope. Looking back on the stormy rains a year ago to the sunny winds of today, from the thrilling one year ago to the calm and determined today, we have gone through an extraordinary 366 days. The laughter, tears, sweat, and touch of this year, and every trail of our sonorous footsteps this year, are engraved on the ruler of time and are remembered deep in people’s hearts.

This year of forge ahead, condensed surging power. At the time when the”13th Five-Year Plan” ended successfully and the new journey of building socialist modernization began, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again visited Jiangsu and gave us the new major mission of”to be an example, to be a demonstration, and to be at the forefront.” Jiangsu Development has given new coordinates and injected strong momentum. Entrustment is the direction, entrustment is the ruler, entrustment is the motivation, the great care of the general secretary, like the spring breeze and rain, nourishes the hearts of the children of Jiangsu and gives us infinite strength.

This year of hard work,”Strong, Rich, Beautiful, High” New Jiangsu has taken another big step forward. The province’s regional GDP has historically reached a new level of 10 trillion yuan; the Shanghai-Sutong, Lianhuaiyang Town, Yantong, and Lianxu high-speed railways have been opened one after another, and the”Jiangsu on Track” has achieved significant progress; the Northern Jiangsu Five The city completed the task of improving the construction of more than 100,000 rural houses ahead of schedule; the “recovering the river from the heavy chemical industry” accelerated the cracking process, the Yangtze River was delighted to see the “finless porpoise blowing the waves”, and the quality of the ecological environment was the best in the century; the national civilized cities increased to 28 The total number and proportion are the first in all provinces (regions)… We are delighted to see that the reputation of”Su Daqiang” is getting higher and higher and its influence is getting bigger and bigger.

This year of struggle, everyone is remarkable. Whether it is a retrograde angel in white clothes, or a selfless”hard core” uncle, or the broad masses of people’s soldiers, public security officers, scientific researchers, journalists, educators, engineering builders, volunteers, and thousands of sanitation workers Workers, courier brothers, taxi drivers…every struggling figures face difficulties with courage, convey confidence with love, and make their own contributions in different ways. It is because of you and you one by one that we were able to win both epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in this thrilling battle against the epidemic and the arduous historical test, and hand in the proud”Jiangsu answer sheet”.

The year of the rat is not easy to be”rat”, and the year of the ox has to turn the”ox” into the universe. 2021 is the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan”, the starting point for a new journey of comprehensive socialist modernization, and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It is precisely a century of grace to have a great career in the future. Special time nodes, special historical missions, special opportunities and challenges require us to take up special responsibilities, take out special conditions, and achieve special deeds. Even if the world in front of us is still full of instability and uncertainty, but with persistent faith and belief in the”power of belief”, we can always arrive at another spring of dream growth.

Start again, faith is a beacon to move forward. Carrying on the glorious mission of”striving to be an example, striving to be a model, and being at the forefront” and writing a new chapter in the construction of a new Jiangsu of”strengthening, prosperous, beautiful, and high” is the important task given to Jiangsu by the central government, and it is also the ardent expectation of the people of the whole province. We must accurately grasp the core essence and practical requirements of the spirit of the general secretary’s important speech, strive to form the exploratory, innovative and leading results of Jiangsu’s development, play the main theme of high-quality development more loudly, and do well in a more powerful manner. The first step in building socialist modernization in an all-round way.

Start again, confidence is the best vaccine. No one can stop the great rivers of history rushing forward. The new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way is a down-to-earth struggle, an exploration journey of reform and innovation, and a relay journey from generation to generation. In response to changes in the world, times, and history, as long as we strengthen our confidence and maintain our determination, we can grasp certainty in innovation, increase certainty in reforms, and maintain certainty in opening up. Great achievements and great achievements in the journey.

Start again, hard work is the only answer. The beginning of the new year is the beginning of another cycle. Jiangsu has 80 million people, more than 10 million market players, hard-working and intelligent intellectuals, scientific and technical personnel, industrial workers and modern farmers, a large number of honest and law-abiding entrepreneurs who are brave to innovate, and have party members and cadres who are knowledgeable and responsible. …Today in Jiangsu, everyone has to overcome all obstacles, fear the wind and rain, and roll up their sleeves to do it. Tomorrow in Jiangsu, we will rely on every Jiangsu person to squeeze the”bull power” and carry forward the spirit of ruling, pioneering, and old scalpers. Strive for yourself, work hard, and move forward courageously to create new historical brilliance in the new era!

The year is spring. While people planted new seeds in the spring, they also planted hope for the new year. To welcome the first ray of sunshine of the Chinese New Year, let us anchor the future with hope, and wish the mountains and rivers beautiful, the country and the people safe! May the family and the country be reunited and happy! I hope that the land of Jiangsu is full of spring and full of vitality. I hope that each of us will live up to the spring and live up to the years, and continue to write more and more exciting”spring stories” on the new journey.

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