Entrepreneurs take root in the Northwest for 16 years to develop national standard reagent detectors: let diseases have nowhere to hide

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China News Service, Lanzhou, March 31 (Gao Kangdi) 16 years ago, Che Unity, who returned from studying abroad, chose to go to the place where he grew up-Lanzhou, and started his “transformation of scientific research results”. From scientific research to scientific research and innovation to technology-based enterprises, he bluntly said, “Technology is the first and fundamental.”

Entrepreneurs take root in the Northwest for 16 years to develop national standard reagent detectors: let diseases have nowhere to hide

The picture shows the ASA-9600 real-time fluorescence Quantitative PCR machine. Photographed by Gao Kangdi

Scientific research is only meaningful when the results are transformed: you must find a channel to bury your head in scientific research.

As a student of Lanzhou University, Che Tuanjie has a special affection for Lanzhou and gave him guidance. Mentor, classmates who squatted with him in the research room… These were the backing of scientific research for the car unity at the time. He kept talking to two teachers in clinical and technical fields about his ideas-using modern biotechnology. The idea of ​​developing “gene detection kits” to detect various pathogens by means of development was a hit at the time.

“If you want to transform, you must have a channel.” At that time, there were three ways to go before the car unity. Registered companies transformed their own scientific research results, commissioned related companies to transform, and related companies to transform together. After months of searching, there was no company in Lanzhou that fit the car unity inner thoughts.

At that time, Lanzhou was vigorously developing innovation and entrepreneurship. The Lanzhou University Science and Technology Park supported talent entrepreneurship. It had policies such as rent reduction and simplification of the company registration process. To the “National Technology-based SME Innovation Fund” and the high-tech zone subsidies 300,000 yuan. With this 800,000 yuan start-up fund, Che Tuanjie and the two teachers began their scientific research life.

“The purpose of registering a company is to successfully transform scientific research results.” As the boss, Che Unity, and his two teachers and some graduate students formed a scientific research team, and devoted themselves to the research and development of the kit. , “Never think of myself as a businessman, I am a scientific researcher.”

Che Tuanjie recalled that he ate a cage of steamed buns every day and worked an average of 16 hours a day, “not feeling tired or hungry.”

Entrepreneurs take root in the Northwest for 16 years to develop national standard reagent detectors: let diseases have nowhere to hide(1)

Che Tuanjie introduces ASA- The working principle of the 9600 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument. Photo by Gao Kangdi

Enterprises can only “live” to do scientific research: change concepts and increase hematopoietic projects

As scientific research progresses step by step, more and more costs are required, although Everyone in the scientific research team has no salary, and every penny is spent on the blade. “The start-up funds will be gone after two years.” Che Tuanjie said.

Car Unite, who is dedicated to scientific research, realized the importance of “hematopoiesis”. “Without funds, the next scientific research cannot be carried out.” Car Unite began to do some simple technical services and reagents with the team. Agency, because most of the time is still spent on scientific research, the cost is barely enough.

Che Tuanjie began to “look for investment” through the mentor of the provincial entrepreneurship center. After striving, the provincial high-tech entrepreneurship service center conducted investigations and investigations, and finally the company formed a “government fund system + scientific research team investment” model, and the funds were finally resolved.

With financial support, Che Tuanjie led the scientific research team to successfully develop more than 70 genetic testing kits, but whether the test reagents are mature, the reagents and equipment needed are only available abroad, and testing is undoubtedly a big deal. Overhead.

“Domestic only does research and development of reagents, but there is no testing equipment.” Che Tuanxiang thought, this kind of instrument has a wide range of uses and relies on foreign imports for many years, which is a lot of expense for the country. Reagents, why not try testing equipment.

Contrasting with foreign instrument standards, the Che Tuanjie R&D team started the “trial and error” process of testing equipment. “I can’t remember how many times the parameters were adjusted, and finally determined the main technical parameters. The rest of the parameters only Minor adjustments are needed.” In this way, after 4 years, the ASA-9600 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument was successfully developed and the national standard for product technical evaluation in this field was drafted last year.

Entrepreneurs take root in the Northwest for 16 years to develop national standard reagent detectors: let diseases have nowhere to hide(2)

The picture shows the Che unity and scientific research team Conduct a technical speech contest. (Data map) Photo courtesy of interviewees

Individuals and companies are integrated: mastering original technology can “overtake on corners”

In order to make the team develop better, the car unites scientific research The team redistributed work. In addition to the weekly technical seminars, Che Tuanjie also flies to the country to participate in technical exchange meetings. Therefore, he uses all the time he can use to study, in the waiting hall, on the plane, etc., “Only when he participates in the meeting can he have full time. Learn to supplement knowledge.”

When talking about how to switch back and forth between scientific research personnel and entrepreneurship, Che Tuanjie told reporters, “I have always regarded myself as an ordinary scientific researcher. It is never profitable. The front-line work of scientific research is always the first. Without strong technical support, everything is impossible to talk about.”

It is the simple and clear “initial intention” that makes the car unite and harmonious The team has stepped through one hurdle after another and advanced to the first echelon of genomics and molecular diagnostics research in Gansu Province. At the same time, it has formed long-term and stable cooperative relations with 985 universities and well-known institutes, and has more than 100 technical products that have formed patents.

“At present, China’s high-end diagnostic medical equipment products are still mainly imported. The five major overseas giants occupy 50% of the market. They are more severely restricted by external factors and have become the main field of technology’stuck neck’.” Che Lianhe Said that the scientific research team will focus on the national “high-end medical testing equipment” domestic substitution and industrial upgrading needs, develop upstream high-end original technology, support industrial upgrading, “form the original technology of the industry system, it is possible to achieve technical curve overtaking.” He is very confident.

At the same time, Che Unity also attaches great importance to talents. “More and more young talents can provoke the backbone.” Therefore, Che Unity increases the salary of the team and enhances the space for career development.

“Calm down, and do everything well.” Today, Che Unity concentrates on business operations during the day, and keeps an eye on project development in the laboratory at night, gradually becoming an “entrepreneur”. With a new understanding, “Individuals and companies must integrate and achieve each other in order to go further.” (End)