Former U.S. President Trump is again sued by Democrats for inciting violence

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China News Service, March 6th, according to US media reports, on March 5 local time, the Democrat Eric Swalwell of the US House of Representatives who was responsible for the impeachment of former President Trump Some of its team members initiated a lawsuit, accusing them of “inciting violence” and causing mental damage to members of Congress.

Former U.S. President Trump is again sued by Democrats for inciting violence


p > On January 20, 2021 local time, Washington, USA, Trump boarded the “Marine Corps One” presidential helicopter.

According to reports, this accusation is directed against Trump, Trump’s eldest son Trump Jr., and Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani, among others. Svalwell accused them of inciting violence to sabotage The law in Washington, DC, abetted thugs and caused emotional distress to members of Congress.

For the lawsuit, Trump’s spokesperson Jason Miller responded that Svalwell’s action was another “witch hunt.” Miller also insisted that the two impeachments against Trump were “scams.”

On January 6, when the Congress was counting the electoral votes in the presidential election, Trump supporters violently stormed Congress, killing at least five people. In his speech that day, Trump called on his supporters to “do their best” to change the outcome of the election.

On February 13, the Senate failed to pass the impeachment clause in a vote on Trump’s “sedition” impeachment charges, and Trump has not been convicted. Some senators who voted that Trump was not guilty that day believed that filing a lawsuit in court was a “more reasonable” channel to characterize Trump’s behavior.

Subsequently, the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee and Democrat Thompson filed a lawsuit against Trump, accusing him of inciting the January 6 rebellion and blocking the congressional certification of the election results.

Reported that in addition to Trump facing these lawsuits, the House of Representatives is also launching a criminal investigation into his financial records and whether there is a conflict of interest during his tenure. If the investigation against Trump continues, some details and evidence that were not announced during the impeachment case may be exposed.