“Gold Medal Comedy Class” entrance examination is over

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The first comedy inheritance variety show “Gold Medal Comedy Class”, launched by the China Central Radio and Television Center, has officially ended all the content of the first stage entrance examination. The classes of the three instructors have been enrolled and completed. The ending of the division. Through the four entrance assessments, a total of 22 groups of students entered the classes of Chen Peisi, Guo Degang, and Freetech respectively. 8 groups of students were recommended to enter the audition class. They are qualified to listen to three instructors to teach comedy performances. You can replace the formal students with the opportunity to counterattack through your own efforts.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” entrance examination is over

The entrance examination is wonderful Continue to shine with female comedians

Previously, on the stage of “Gold Medal Comedy Class”, the students showed a diversified trend, and they all brought wonderful performances. In this program, there are also many Excellent works appeared.

Chen Yinquan, who has been in the crosstalk world for 13 years, is not only good at professional skills, but also very good at shaping characters, especially female images of all ages. This time, his works in “Sharing Conference” In the middle, he plays multiple roles. Through a one-person show, he will show everyone about the scam of “health care products”, which has social significance while laughing.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” entrance examination is over(1)

Chen Jianan graduated At the Central Academy of Drama, she portrayed a girl who wanted to maintain the image of a lady when she was dating but broke her work because of accidents in her work “Two Mes”. She was very cute. At the same time, as a fan of Guo Qilin, her confession made Guo Degang shout “Guo Qilin is still a child”. The atmosphere on the scene was very hot, and the topic #郭德刚郭麒麟还个儿童# was even more popular on Weibo the next day. No. 1 in the search list and No. 1 in the Kuaishou Hot List, sparking heated discussions among netizens and widespread attention to the program.

Han Yunyun is the actor who played Wang Qin, a colleague of Li Huanying who “deadly smashed” all the way with Li Huanying in the popular movie “Hello, Li Huanying”. She has already had a lot of film and television performance experience before. “Stage”, in the work “Blind Date and Unsuccessful” shows the actor’s “frustration” when he first entered the industry, only because of love, he is constantly frustrated but never gives up. The whole work has a complete plot and clever design, which makes the tutors favor it.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” entrance examination is over(2)

“Gold Medal Comedy “Class” in the 36 groups of actors in the entrance examination stage, there are 13 actresses, accounting for 36%. In recent years, most of the comedy variety shows are led by male players in the mainstream programming trend. An actor is a stage to show, and Han Yunyun’s appeal in the interview before this represented the voice of the majority of actresses, “female comedians should be cherished”, and she was successfully admitted to the next round with her strength. “Gold Medal Comedy Class” did exactly this, and let the audience see the beauty of all female comedians blooming through the stage.

The predecessor’s class division teaching is about to strengthen the concept of “teacher and succession”

According to the final classification result, Chen Peisi’s “Pacepace, the king’s teacher, all the way forward, foolproof”” There are 8 groups of students in the “Inscrutable Siyi” class: Tan Yuan, Cao Yangyang, Liu Siwei, Xu Huiqiang, He Huan, Jiang Shimeng, Chen Jianan, Zhang Yu, Huo Xingchen, Zhang Ruixue, Li Jingyu, and Zang Hongna. Guo Degang’s students named their class “Ganggang Good Class”, which means “Gold Medal Comedy Leverage Drop”. They have 7 groups of Wu Nanyan, Wang Zhibo, Li Yuanyuan, Xu Jian, Sheng Wei, Gao Haibao, Li Haiyin, Wang Bingbing, Chen Yinquan, and Jin Ming. The students, Yingda’s “Memoda” class, has 7 groups of students: Han Yunyun, Wang Dongcheng, Cha Cha (Wang Xuedong), Cao Yang, Li Ying, Tianci, and Dabing.

The students selected in the fourth round of assessment have many cross-border players, such as the famous host Cao Yang of Beijing TV, and the soldiers who have more than ten years of radio host experience. They all stepped out of their own hosting this time. People’s status as a comedy student has brought a very wonderful performance. Their years of controlling the scene as a host has also allowed them to better control the comedy stage.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” entrance examination is over(3)

Wang Dongcheng is in The program brought a “Dadong Talk Show”. As a powerful idol, he dared to explore new areas and prepared more courage and hard work. Although the Beijing dialect was “nearly meaning” in the performance, he also let the audience He and his instructor saw his sincerity in acting, and finally entered Yingda’s class. After professional comedy training in the future, plus the shooting experience of many film and television works in the past, I believe that Wang Dongcheng will use the new identity of “comedian”. Come more surprises.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” entrance examination is over(4)

Next In the second stage of the program, students will follow three instructors to accept different styles of teaching, and create comedy works for in-class quizzes. The competition is becoming increasingly fierce. And the focus is undoubtedly the comedy teaching from three different fields and genres, each with their own characteristics, such as Chen Peisi’s open comedy class, Guo Degang’s return to traditional performances, and Yingda’s immersive rehearsal experience. At the same time, the instructors will also lead the students into the real theater training and audition, so that the students can feel the charm of real theater.

For the audience, they have already experienced the style of the three instructors in previous programs. From the short comments on the students, they can see that they have a deep professional knowledge of comedy performance. The three instructors will also teach each other in different classes, showing the whole process of cultivating inheritors of comedy predecessors. This also reflects the original intention of the show—introducing the concept of “teacher and inheritance”, and stage competition and cultivation. Combine into a reality show and make a comedy heritage show with a spiritual core.

Four episodes of “Gold Medal Comedy Class” have been aired. The audience has been able to taste the essence of the show through field-by-field assessments. “It does not pursue fast-food-style funny, but always maintains the spirit of comedy. A heart of awe”, the form can be diverse and rich. Themes such as drama sketches, musicals, puppet shows, musicals, magic dramas, Kyrgyz opera, comedy, etc. have all appeared on the stage; the instructor can be serious and professional Yes, as to what a good comedy work should be, the answers given by the three instructors often allow the students and the audience to reflect together. In this exploration of comedy by actors and stages, actors and mentors, actors and audiences, everyone can get a glimpse of the spiritual core behind comedy, and this will also help the art of comedy pass on.