“Gold Medal Comedy Class” Guo Degang will start class

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The “Gold Medal Comedy Class” Guo Degang is about to start, recreating the tradition to test the students’ improvisation ability

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” Guo Degang will start class

The first comedy inheritance variety show “Gold Medal Comedy Class”, the fifth issue of the “Gold Medal Comedy Class”, will be broadcast soon. The new stage and new content will be launched soon . Guo Degang’s tutor “The outline is good” class officially opened. The most surprising, interesting and exciting course is here. Return to tradition and trace the earliest performances of cross talk artists, such as single whip, miscellaneous willow, and big fishery, these terms that you may not have heard of, will be shown to you throughout the show. At 19:30 on March 6th, CCTV3 “Gold Medal Comedy Class”, let’s increase knowledge~

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After the relaxed study of the course, the more intense class quiz also followed. The students in Mr. Guo Degang’s class are ready to face the next round of challenges. From single-player combat to pairwise combination, in a short period of time, two students who were previously unfamiliar together completed the creation of a work. Different styles and different concepts can easily cause the two groups of students to diverge in creation. But as a community, they have to fight for honor and do their best to fight for themselves the opportunity to stay and learn. The auditors are also ready to go, waiting for the opportunity to “turn up against the wind”!

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When the pursuit of freedom The combination of Chen Yinquan and Wang Bingbing, a rigorous and orthodox partner, one who loves to make a temporary intention, and the other who is well-behaved, what kind of sparks will the two make? Although the beginning of the work, the present sketch is always sensational from the end, but the two of them today’s performance did not lessen the tears of the audience. Despite the suspicion of “slaps on the face”, you must not bear to say something to him. The two are a cross talk actor and a Northeast local opera actor. What is the effect of performing the skit together today?

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Four cross talk actors Wu Nanyan, Wang Zhibo, Li Yuanyuan, Xu Jian, Get together this time. Xu Jian has been in friendship with Wu Nanyan and Wang Zhibo for more than ten years. They have also worked together day and night. It stands to reason that they should have had a full understanding of each other, but they were all very stressed in the quiz. This time, a few people actually started “infighting” on the court. I heard that they were still fighting for the “internally determined” championship? What exactly is going on?

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One is “Gold Medal Comedy Class” is the first student to receive three admission tickets, Sheng Wei, one is Gao Haibao and Li Haiyin who are unabashedly expressed by Guo Degang’s love. Their combination can be said to be highly anticipated. But this time, they encountered a big problem the night before the official performance. The limited time, the almost overdrawn body of continuous overnight rehearsal, was a huge test for them. In the end, what kind of work will they bring, and will they be able to hand in a satisfactory answer?

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The test is about to be eliminated, and the palms and backs of the hands are all fleshy. What choice would Teacher Guo Degang make? Tonight, there will be two students whose learning path stops here. With the harsh competition system and the merciless test, who can successfully enter the next stage? Stay tuned for “Gold Comedy Class” at 19:30 on March 6, which will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV, CCTV, CCTV, Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Kuaishou!