“Gold Medal Comedy Class” Guo Degang’s class performance pays tribute to tradition, the class quiz, polishes the script, aims to innovate

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The first comedy inheritance variety show “Gold Medal Comedy Class” launched by the China Central Radio and Television Center has completed all the content of the first stage entrance examination of the first four phases, and has officially entered the second stage quiz. The fifth period first ushered in the traditional performances and quizzes of Guo Degang’s tutor class. “Gold Medal Comedy Class” is a comedy inheritance variety show. The feature of the show is that different special courses will be set up at each stage, and the instructor Guo Degang’s heartfelt performance will bring a brand new experience to the audience’s eager anticipation. “Gold Medal Comedy Class” is different from all current comedy variety shows. It has a unique performance style. As soon as the fifth episode was broadcast, it ranked first in the ratings of Kuyun at the same time, and the first five episodes had the same ratings in Kuyun. First in the whole network.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” Guo Degang’s class performance pays tribute to tradition, the class quiz, polishes the script, aims to innovate

Perfect for Every student who explores comedy performance brings a vigilance

The difference is far from the point, and this sentence is also applicable to the show. When Chen Yinquan, a crosstalk actor with 13 years of acting experience, lost his hand in a trick, the tutor Guo Degang commented on the spot, “Pick the cake on the ground, take the thief on the opposite side”, the difficulty in performing the show is difficult. Let Chen Yinquan express with deep feeling: “I have heard of land use before. It is really a reminder to try it like this today. If you don’t need to work hard and want to rely on cleverness, you really need to use it.”

Not everyone can perform a show. This sentence is more specific to the cross talk actor Sheng Wei. Even though he was as clever as him, but in the end, “the scene was not enough for the fountain to come together”, the tutor Guo Degang helped “fundamentally resolve the embarrassing atmosphere on the scene.” In a subsequent interview, Sheng Wei said that the scene immediately felt the bitterness of the artists in those days. If the guests were gone, there would be no income and no food for this day.

You must pay more attention to learn to control the field when performing on the stage. As the tutor Guo Degang said, it’s okay to put things on the stage directly on the ground to perform, but you must always pay attention to the actual situation on the scene, tighten the rhythm at any time, and effectively control the field. Wu Nanyan and Wang Zhibo should have a more profound experience of this, which also allows us to understand more deeply why the tutor Guo Degang said that everyone must practice. The intuitive feeling may be more empathetic than any preaching.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” Guo Degang’s class performance pays tribute to tradition, the class quiz, polishes the script, aims to innovate(1)

Perfect performance, you need A solid basic skill requires an innovative performance model.

In a floor-to-ground performance, the basic skill is very important, and the correct opening method is also very important. The Kyrgyz opera actor Wang Bingbing, who has a profound experience in opera, is remarkable in her hands, eyes, and body in her performances, which made her performance both applauded and popular. However, Li Haiyin and Gao Haibao, from Happy Twist, are not surprised when faced with completely unfamiliar performances. They learnt from other people’s performance models and find a performance method suitable for their talent show, which also made the audience laugh. And Xu Jian and Li Yuanyuan, who appeared last in this Liandi performance, are “the state most resembling the performance of “Liandi” cross talk actors.” With their understanding of traditional performances and innovative expressions of reality, they seem to have really found a way to open the show.

One-time performance may not mean anything, but as Mr. Guo Degang once pointed out, because it is the most intuitive way to meet the audience face-to-face, all actors and the audience can deal with, you know what the audience needs, and Looking back at yourself, what can you give them? Perhaps the real meaning of the performance is in this.

Script creation should work hard to portray the details of the characters and update the voice

We know that comedy is not about baggage and witty words. However, Chen Yinquan, who is good at imitating cross talk and likes to catch on the spot, and Ji opera actor Wang Bingbing cross-border play in the in-class quiz work “Only You Know” launched, the differential expression is doomed to the production of the work and experienced repeated runs-in, but in the end The tacit cooperation presents the sketch to the audience, and the plot of the story is also very touching, especially the phrase “love is more important than the demon mirror” in the play, which even pierced everyone’s tears. Both the tutor and the audience fully affirmed their performance.

But in the comments of the instructors, they pointed out more of the main problems and deficiencies. Instructor Guo Degang believes that the story is too smooth and lacks bright spots. The instructor Chen Peisi pointed out that “the two people did not grasp their respective character characteristics in the characterization of the work, and the characterization was not detailed enough. The opening topic carrying the burden has nothing to do with the plot, which caused the plot to follow the burden without the plot of the story.” Instructor Yingda pointed out that a big loophole in the performance is that some of the baggage is too deliberate. In addition, in order to grasp the old baggage used on the scene and lack of freshness, such baggage not only can not cause people to laugh, but it has reduced the item.

“Gold Medal Comedy Class” Guo Degang’s class performance pays tribute to tradition, the class quiz, polishes the script, aims to innovate(2)

The plot should be arranged in the characters Positioning the role and deconstructing the core of the script to seek a breakthrough

We know that the creation of a comedy, the script must stand up, and finally it still acts on the relationship between the characters and enters the situation. In the performance of “Good Partner” brought by Wu Nanyan, Wang Zhibo, Xu Jian and Li Yuanyuan, their success lies in the accurate positioning of the intricate relationship between the characters, allowing the effect of comedy to run through the entire process of the performance. As the tutor Guo Degang said, “The show is actually old wine in old bottles, but for the completeness of the plot of the script and the accuracy of the character positioning, everyone is placed where they should be, and they have a good performance effect. .

In the face of homogenized works, how to enrich the content and present the story under a large framework? This is the soul torture of the tutor Guo Degang’s “Parents Drive” by Sheng Wei, Li Haiyin, and Gao Haibao. However, after repeated revisions, the sketch finally brought surprises to the tutors and also brought laughter to the audience. The tutor Chen Peisi pointed out that as an ethical comedy, its big framework is ethical; secondly, it is the dislocation of interpersonal relationships. ; Third, they chose to use space to create and solve troubles. Relieving dilemmas is a real comedy, but unfortunately it’s too easy to be relieved. Such comedies are not funny.

With the second stage At the end of the quiz in the class, Guo Degang’s class finally ended with Chen Yinquan and Jin Ming, and the other students all advanced to the next round and temporarily came to an end. The most difficult thing in the world is to move other people’s money into their own pockets and take themselves. The idea of ​​instilling into the minds of others. And our comedy class tutor, through the observation of the teaching comments again and again, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the creation of the script began to incorporate a comprehensive consciousness, as a complete sketch, noticed the beginning and the end of the plot echoing, the plot Awareness has been significantly increased, and the story deconstruction is more complete. We praise the gratifying progress of the comedy class. We believe that “Golden Comedy Class” will go further with the joint efforts of teachers and students.