Harvard professor imagines “Oumomo” as an alien spacecraft in his new book

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In more wild imaginations, individual researchers also proposed Oumomo may be a possibility created by aliens, such as some kind of alien probe, or a piece of space junk.

Recently, Harvard University professor Avi Loeb, known for participating in early investigations and boldly speaking, is promoting his new book.

Although he has received many objections from his colleagues before, he extended his views and related theoretical basis in the book, and accepted an interview with Vice.

To be sure, Avi Loeb has done an excellent job of summarizing all the data to be easily digested by ordinary people, turning many unexplained things into new coincidences. Evidence (indicating that Aomomo is more than just a rock or ice).

Under normal circumstances, under the pull of the sun’s gravity, debris such as asteroids will accelerate to approach, and then slow down when leaving. The biggest mystery left by Aumomo is the abnormal acceleration when he leaves the solar system.

Based on this, some people believe that Oumomo may be a combination of ice and rock, which causes the sublimation and ejection of substances on the sun surface and pushes it forward.

But if it is assumed that Oumomo is a mysterious object made by aliens, Avi Loeb also proposed a possibility that it may be some kind of relay-type spacecraft, and other similar objects The same is used to form a corresponding navigation network in space.

But a more likely guess is that Aomomo actually made space junk for a piece of aliens, such as a dead spacecraft used to explore space.

Interestingly, humans also launched the Voyager a few decades ago. It’s just that when it was discovered by other civilizations, the vicissitudes of life may have changed its appearance long ago.

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