He did not win the first show of his comeback, Hendry stopped in the first round of the Gibraltar Open

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He did not win the first show of his comeback, Hendry stopped in the first round of the Gibraltar Open

Chinanews client March 3 In the early morning of the 3rd Beijing time, the 9-year retired “Billiard Emperor” Hendry staged his comeback debut. However, Hendry, who had been away for a long time, failed to usher in a “good start”. After losing 1:4 to the world ranked 25th Celter, he stopped in the first round of the Gibraltar Open.

In the first game, the two sides competed and defended. Celtic won the first game 50:45. In the second game, Celtic Coffee failed to score, and Hendry took the opportunity to get started and scored 107 points in a single shot. The two sides drew a draw. This is also the 776th break of Hendry’s career.

In the third game, after Hendry hit the ball twice, Celt got 65 points and 50 points respectively. In the fourth game, Hendry left a chance on defense, and Celter took advantage of the situation and won the match point.

In the next fifth game, the two sides had offensive and defensive, but Celter scored the balloon and won the fifth game, defeating Hendry by a big score of 4:1.

Seltic will play Barry Hawkins in the second round, while Hendry will focus on the World Championship qualifiers. His goal is to return to the familiar Cruzeburg Theater in April. “I felt pretty good and relaxed on the court. On the contrary, I was nervous when I got dressed in the room and prepared to play.” The 52-year-old Hendry said: “I didn’t miss any simple balls. This is a good thing. I played before. During the senior game, I will lose the ball everywhere.”

“One shot to break a hundred is obviously a bright moment, but there are also things that need to be improved. For example, I don’t have a long bench, and a few shots are a little rough. I get excited whenever I have a chance to score. This is what snooker needs today-to score when I have a chance. My current performance is not enough to enter the World Championships, but I might not have played this game a month ago. I am improving steadily.” (End)