Is alien life the same length as the earth? Zoologists say that”theory of evolution” applies to the entire universe

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A zoologist from the University of Cambridge and a biologist from the University of Cambridge claimed that they lived in another Alien creatures on planets around distant stars look”just like animals on Earth,” with symmetrical bodies, legs, wings, or fins, and evolved from the same evolutionary process.

According to reports, Arik Kershenbaum, a zoologist and cosmobiologist at the University of Cambridge, recently published a new book”Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy”, claiming that Darwin’s theory of evolution applies to the entire universe. This is the process that governs the formation of life on the earth, so it will produce extraterrestrial organisms that are very similar to those seen on our earth .

He stated that this will cause alien creatures to have symmetrical bodies, wings, legs or fins.

He also said that extraterrestrial life will also have wisdom, developed language, and possibly even technology.

Erik added that if we meet an alien, we may”drink tea with the alien.”

In this”Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy”, Eric delves into the life on Earth, explores the theory of evolution, and talks about the creatures living in a world one light-year away from our earth. A prediction was made.

This book borrows part of the work of Richard Dawkins (Richard Dawkins) and explores The concept of”Universal Darwinism”. Dawkins himself also stated that this book provides”wonderful and profound insights into geobiology.”

If the alien E.T. visits the earth, what can we see? Eric said that this will be the life as we know it, which is reassuring.

He said that the”universal laws of biology” that govern all life on earth are likely to apply to aliens, and species evolve through natural selection.

He asserted that no matter what the chemical composition of these creatures is, what environment they live in, or what type of stars their planet surrounds, this will apply.

He said that Darwin’s”natural selection” theory is based on the ability of individuals to reproduce successfully to achieve the survival and reproduction of individuals. It gradually limits the possibility of biological evolution, which will also be applicable to remote worlds. Alien species.

He said that although they may not look”exactly the same as the creatures on Earth,” and may even breathe different air, they will still evolve based on certain restrictive attributes that best suit their environment. .

He believes that the evolution of alien organisms is likely to follow some familiar patterns, for example, they will be bilaterally symmetrical. Alien creatures will also have predators and prey, which will cause their camouflage and armor to be similar to those on Earth. They will be social and individual, and have a series of actions to avoid their predators.

Wen/Nandu reporter Chen Lin