Italy’s new crown confirmed over 2.97 million cases, Rome and other local elections postponed

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China News Service, March 4th. According to Euronet, the Italian Ministry of Civil Defense reported on the 3rd that a total of 2,976,274 confirmed cases and 98,635 deaths were reported across the country. Affected by the epidemic, local elections in many cities will be postponed.

Italy’s new crown confirmed over 2.97 million cases, Rome and other local elections postponed


p >On February 1, local time, the Colosseum reopened in Rome, Italy. The picture shows tourists visiting the Colosseum.

According to reports, on the 3rd local time, Petrini, chairman of the Italian National Association of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, said that up to now, the 9 regions of Italy have reached or exceeded the alert of 30% of the intensive care unit. Line, the national average share of intensive care has reached 25%, and the situation in intensive care units is even worse than during the first wave of pandemics.

Betolaso, a consultant for the Lombardy Region Vaccination Program, said that according to the latest sampling statistics, about 64% of the newly confirmed cases in the Lombardy Region are infected with the variant virus reported in the United Kingdom. .

The person in charge of a Brescia laboratory said that the laboratory isolated the mutant virus found in Nigeria for the first time, and 9 cases of infection of the virus have been confirmed in Italy.

Fontana, the chairman of the Lombardy Region, pointed out that Lombardy is currently in an orange epidemic prevention and control zone, and some signs indicate that the region is in danger of moving into a dark orange epidemic prevention and control zone. In the event of an out-of-control city or province, the regional government will immediately implement blockade measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Italian Health Minister Speranza said that the epidemic curve is now showing a very strong upward trend. At the same time, the government attaches great importance to variant virus cases.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, some political parties in Italy suggested that in view of the health emergency, the candidate’s campaign and publicity activities should be postponed. For this reason, the local elections originally planned in the cities of Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples and Bologna from May to June will be postponed to October 10-11 in the fall. (Boyuan)