Leading cadres must improve their ability to withstand pressure

By yqqlm yqqlm

“Big things are difficult, look at the responsibility; adversity, good times, look at the mind.” In this new era of development, there will be many risks and challenges. The burden on leading cadres is heavier and heavier, and the pressure is heavier. Only by training a strong heart can you cope with all hardships. Now that you have chosen Far away, just take care of the wind and rain. Leading cadres must continuously improve their ability to withstand pressure and be brave enough to overcome difficulties.

A great deal can only be achieved by doing many things, and only if it is difficult can it be far-sighted. Frustration is a sharpening stone, which can hone people’s perseverance and will, and pressure is a booster, which can push people to move towards hope. Leading cadres should be rational and optimistic about frustration and pressure, and understand that there are only many trials and trials. Exercise can achieve progress and growth. Pressure is a stumbling block on the road to success. How can it block the road to success? Leading cadres should step on the pressure, continue to face difficulties, and climb the peak bravely. They must know that as long as they don’t get discouraged or give up, they will surely be able to make the most of them. , Overcome difficulties.

“Adversity has a kind of scientific value. A good scholar will not let go of this great learning opportunity”. The road of development cannot be”smooth sailing” forever. Leading cadres must continuously enhance their ability to solve problems. To dominate, you must not be intimidated by pressure or blocked by difficulties.”An ancient establishment of major events is not only a super talent, but must have perseverance.” Leading cadres must actively participate in the struggle, go through the storms, see the world, and continue to temper and carry heavy burdens. Become a person with strong beliefs and strong skills. In addition, leading cadres must not only have the ability to withstand stress, but also have the ability to ease some pressure. Some pressures are difficult to discharge by themselves. If they are suppressed for a long time, they will have mental illness. Therefore, leading cadres must pay attention to communication, learn to seek help, establish good interpersonal relationships with others, and increase the motivation and confidence of the officials in the care and encouragement of others.

“The old man has a ambition for thousands of miles; the martyrs are in their twilight years, has great heart.” Leading cadres should turn pressure into motivation , Turn passive into active, move towards a higher goal, be able to see the slightest, be prepared, and not let go of any development opportunities. Pressure is always everywhere, but this is not a burden, but a responsibility. Since leading cadres have assumed the responsibility of serving the people, they must consciously perform their duties, be aggressive, and make a difference.

Sunshine is always after wind and rain. Leading cadres must dare to face problems squarely, face difficulties, constantly improve their ability to resist pressure, strengthen their beliefs, grit their teeth, learn to find light in adversity, in order to achieve higher Goal and work hard. (Feng Mingxin, Chengdu, Sichuan)

Source:Chinanews.net Jilin